Generate and share content on social media, key to gain greater visibility

According to a new report developed by the firm ‘Window’, creating content and share it across multiple channels, it can help companies increase their visibility. If companies develop a strong presence in the channels and social platforms, its content will be available to more people and expand further.

Frequent publications on Facebook, Twitter and other media suitable for media content marketing, will result in new fans, followers and other contacts share content with your friends. This is already a proven fact and found in many related reports also highlight that users follow a brand that generates relevant content, share it with at least three friends.

Generate and share content on social media, key to gain greater visibilityMarketing and content marketing continues to grow and although many companies, brands or even SMEs are in the initial phase of the implementation of strategies for content creation, growth is increasingly noticeable.

The adoption of such strategies by companies should focus on creating news, industry trends and video content, highlighting the value of a product or service in a creative way. In essence, the Internet gives more importance to marketing material that is both informative and entertaining.

To optimize the power of online marketing, companies must understand how to maximize the multiple channels of social interaction and how content flows through the social web.

Only companies that can take advantage efficiently all channels, including social networks, communities, relevant news media, blogs, microsites and multimedia sites audio and video, get better results from their digital marketing strategies, in addition to achieving and gain greater visibility and more likely to achieve their business objectives.

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