How Online and Offline Marketing Are Merging

It’s taken more than 20 years, but we have finally reached the stage where the web is such a mundane part of the average person’s life that there is no longer a distinction between online and offline marketing. This is something that a growing number of Essex web design companies are coming to appreciate, and integrate into their marketing efforts for their clients.

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Today, digital marketing is mainstream, and according to Yvonne Genovese, the Group VP at Gartner, digital marketing is no longer being treated as a discrete discipline, but rather the context for the core of most marketing strategies.

Many Channels, One Customer

Thanks to the increasing ubiquity of smartphones, shoppers are now looking at reviews and price comparison sites while they are in stores. According to Forbes, mobile e-commerce adoption is going to increase even more in 2016, giving buyers a self-service experience that is rich and carefully targeted to suit their needs.

Working with web design companies such as, business owners can lead the charge with this new multi-channel marketing philosophy. An attractive, fast-loading website that is mobile friendly, a good mailing list and a sound social media policy will help to prepare your company for the digital age.

A Simple Shopping Experience

Today, shoppers want a personal, instant and easy shopping experience. They want offers delivered to them, at the time they need them. The line between the mobile experience and the in-store experience is blurring, and you need to cater to all kinds of shopper to get the best results. The right online marketing campaign could draw attention to your store, and build real as well as virtual footfall.

With text marketing, in-store promotions, online offers and app-based loyalty schemes you can build up a database of who your users are, their habits and preferences, and what is converting best for your customer base. Using an integrated marketing campaign which combines online and offline elements will help you to achieve a consistent brand image, where consumers know what to expect from you, regardless of where they are looking. Given that m-commerce is expected to reach $142 billion in 2016, it makes sense to cater to both desktop and web users, as well as looking at the footfall that your stores attract.

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