How to Use Keywords in the Right Places

Keywords are the linchpin that connects the search intent of your audience with content that provides an answer to that need. Vital for SEO (search engine optimisation), the way they are used can make or break how successful you are online. It’s important to understand how and where you should, and shouldn’t, include keywords in your website content.

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Page titles are an incredibly important place to use keywords in your website content. They are the first thing a searcher sees when looking at a search result and they influence their decision to click on your webpage. Using your keyword in the title is one of the best ways to give search engines a strong indication that your webpage is relevant to a certain query. When you need SEO Services Dublin, go to

The body of your content is another valuable place to use keywords in your website. Ideally, keywords should be used in a natural way throughout the article. Avoid placing them too early or too far down in the text. It’s also recommended to incorporate latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords to provide additional relevance and support the topical context of your content.

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Headings are an essential element of any article, both from a content structure and reader experience standpoint. They help break up large sections of paragraph text and allow readers to skim through the main talking points. Using your primary and secondary keywords in your headings and subheadings is a great way to highlight them and increase the chances of a top featured spot in search results.

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