Instagram: Emotional alternative in digital marketing

Instagram is proving daily to be an interesting reef in the field of digital marketing. It is to know the role of brands in this network.

Instagram, before and after its acquisition by Facebook, is proving daily to be an interesting reef in the field of digital marketing for anyone who intends to become an influential player in social networks. You’re user or trademark, and based on good content adapted to this channel, we can say that Instagram works. Whenever a brand can have a logical place and stick to a plan of content, we recommend definitely include this social network all digital marketing plan. But why?

Instagram Emotional alternative in digital marketingThe most emotional side of the triad Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

If we drew a line out the most rational to the most emotional in terms of user behavior and feelings, and situáramos this triad of social networks on it, would place a balanced center Facebooken that we all need; while Twitter would be in the most rational end and, meanwhile, the most emotional Instagram.

This reasoning is worth keeping in mind because in this world, and beyond the digital marketing, both the rational and the emotional has its weight and importance, and a fair balance with precise doses of each end is when you become more person. We can say that with this combination of social networks have the ying and yang of our digital communication between the emotional and the rational.

But what do we base this reasoning? Very simple truth, it’s about how you can take our message based on the possibilities of each channel.

Twitter: Streamlined paradigm wit

Meanwhile Twitter is the paradigm of streamlined ingenuity in creating an attractive copy of no more than 90-100 characters to trigger an action. A tweet exposed to an overwhelming wave of  tweeters influential with those who must gain a foothold, backed by a long and hard work of digital publishing management, writing own content and reading relevant sources, worthy of being recommended from your own account with everything has an impact on your brand. Twitter is the quintessential influences farm based micro-texts. Very strong mentally and rich in content – own and others – you have to be to become a referral all about who self-demand to meet business goals periodically. Here is a summary of the rationale of Twitter, its shape, its management and its expectation.

Instagram: emotional spontaneity

At the other extreme is Instagram. When a picture is worth a thousand words or, failing that and to cope with a cheap surrender to the topic, rather than 90-100 characters. Yes, until the popularity of tageo  wild in Instagram did not open up new paths to accumulate light  likes  and followers  on our profile in the visual social network is operated by direct impacts to the retina. Pure creative instantaneity as filtered image, to which most original. Then, the intensive use of  hashtags has become a great tool that has never buried the visual possibilities of Instagram, much less.Moreover, the  tageo , also closely linked to creativity, it strengthens. This social network, form and message, directly touches the emotional. And there is no doubt that the behavior of a user on Instagram is completely different from the same user on Twitter. Emotional advertising and communication works, why it will not do in digital and marketing dissociates?

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