Is there too much obsession with technology and little knowledge of Marketing?

Usually digital marketers know a lot of tools, terms, analytical, etc, and we are always our upgrade, as the Online Marketing is always evolving.However, many digital strategies often fail and therefore, some even think that not much investment in Internet. This I believe is because they fail to base. I think there is too much obsession with technology and little knowledge of marketing itself. We focus too much on the “frills” and little “the most important thing.”

It is obvious that technology is essential in business, but from the point of view of a professional, all is unnecessary and also Online Marketing is very large and takes a lot of learning time (do not have). Therefore, I believe in Pareto’s Law and it is better to focus on the 20% of the tools that you can contribute 80% of the professional utility. You can not know everything. This makes, for example, many experts need some help topic digital computer programmers. Do not forget that the trends are aimed towards less pyramidal corporate organizational charts and much more flexible, horizontal and collaborative. At the end of the day, marketing is an attitude of an entire company.

Is there too much obsession with technology and little knowledge of MarketingOn the other hand, many enter the digital business without sufficient notions of Marketing. In addition, they are not aware that marketing is only one, either online or offline. They will change the strategies, tools, new jobs will emerge that are not yet invented, etc, but the essence is the same.

The words “Digital” or “Traditional” are only adjectives and true essence is the Marketing, governed by the same principles of always customer orientation and satisfaction. Digital businesses are equally industrious than traditional businesses and just change the location. Both are complementary and essential.

In short, do not get obsessed with technology. It is only a means to an end.Worry over having enough knowledge of Marketing, to have a good value proposition, to meet your ideal customer, to meet or exceed their expectations, serve them well and quickly, to know what (and how much) are the technological tools most can help you professionally, etc. In addition, Digital Marketing less statements and more explanations are needed. Also do not forget that everything you do bad off the Internet, will be replicated on the Internet and even may expand very quickly and was digitally archived.

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