More and more restaurants are thrown himself to the conquest of social networks

They have already found the right pan, now only lack a fire. The trend is clear and increasingly filled restaurants are released to the conquest of social networks.

80% of US restaurants have been heavily involved in social media marketing and this medium is the clear leader compared to other more traditional approaches like email marketing or advertising offline. It’s time to stand out from the crowd and find the best ways to dazzle their communities.

More and more restaurants are thrown himself to the conquest of social networksAccording to data collected by Ipsos MediaCT report, “New Channel Effectiveness in Restaurant Marketing Mix”, most US restaurants already on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Now they are prioritizing strategies to promote dissemination of offers and events and new product launches and services that should now make way for the development of a brand personality. At the end of the day, consumers flock to social networks to interact with others and entertain.

Not surprisingly, half of consumers expect brands to respond to your comments in an hour as much as Lithium Technologies. While it is true that these times vary from one study to another and depending on the social network that focus, the truth is that not provide answers in a timely manner, and even not having trained staff on the other side to respond, can restaurants to lose many opportunities to meet the concerns and complaints of its customers.

It is true that restaurants are a sector that has its source of income and offline are not many that focus their business on the Internet, but the risk of losing sales for neglecting the social forums is real. 38% of those surveyed by Lithium Technologies claimed that his negative perception of a brand grew when ignoring the feedback given to them on social networks.

Another basic principle that successful restaurants have realized is that they have to entertain their guests. That includes providing positive and original experiences as the treasure hunt which invited his followers in social networks Chipotle Mexican. The prize for correctly will answer the online questionnaire, were free burritos every week for 20 years.

Competition in social networks in the catering sector is growing. Brands must find ways to bring unique value and differentiate your brand over its competitors, either offering a more agile and quick service with online booking, exclusive tastings or interviews with chefs, for example. The question is to find the way for customers to connect in a more personal way with brands and have reason to return to their social profiles and keep abreast of developments in the restaurant.

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