The importance of phone numbers in search results

According to a recent study conducted jointly by Ipsos and Google, 70% of mobile users who use their device to search Google directly call the company located using for it, the phone number provided in the actual search results, either organic or paid.

Their data show that these results in Google, including the increasingly widespread “click to call” in your ad campaigns recorded a massive response, which resulted in direct calls to the company. The search engine indicates that only in the US, there were approximately 40 million calls per month, 75% of them lasting more than a minute and a half. The study also shows that a significant number of these customers was actively seeking information on these companies and their products (52%), even in “buying mode” while they are buying (61%).

The importance of phone numbers in search resultsWhy customers prefer to talk to the company before entering directly into your site?

At first glance, it may seem odd that a search initiated form online, ends in a telephone call, but this is an increasingly widespread tendency for different reasons, which highlights the importance of phone numbers in results search.

  • 59% believe that it is faster to talk directly with the company and answer your questions via telephone.
  • 57% prefer to speak to a person of flesh and blood. Hence the need to cultivate customer experience, and enable all possible channels to facilitate contact. It is important to note that, with that knock, expect to meet a person, not a machine, and it also is able to properly process your request.
  • 54% believe that talking directly get more information than the web can offer.

What kind of information these customers demand?

More than half of the customers who decide to call the company found wanted to make a booking or make an appointment, while a similar percentage (52%) needed to know the schedule of the company, and another 47% enlarge information about the product or its availability on site.

So important are these “click to call”?

According to the survey by Google and Ipsos, not to include this functionality within the company information can lead customers to the competition. 41% of respondents said not offer this option to the detriment of the brand image and hurts the customer experience, while another 41% prefer to opt for a brand whose ad itself allows call directly to the company.That this “click to call” appears in the organic results depends on many factors, according to Adam Grunewad, Mobile Marketing Manager at Google, but the company enables all makes this option through their paid advertisements.

Do you Utliizas the “click to call” in your Adwords campaigns? Have you noticed a better response rate in your campaigns with this implementation?

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