The new consumer habits require companies and brands to adapt and mobilized

Consumers are already mobile. It is no coincidence why in the world there are already almost as many mobile phones as people. A device to turn daily to access information and keep in touch with their environment. However, this reality is also a challenge for companies and brands.

About half of local searches already made via a mobile device. 88% of consumers who conduct local searches call the company or moves to it within a maximum period of 24 hours. 51% visit the company physically and 48% opt for direct call, while 47% preferred access the website of the company, or their location so online. All these data can be used to get in position and understand the importance that these devices have for users and consumers themselves. But they still go, he used to say there’s more super-mouse.

The new consumer habits require companies and brands to adapt and mobilizedDespite increased use of mobile devices, particularly smartphones of today, not all users get complete those actions that need through these devices.40% complains that the screen of your device is too small, have difficulty typing (25%), to properly view the information about the product in which you are interested (27%), or compare prices or other options purchase (22%). 40% also refers security concerns about mobile transactions.

Mobile is already a device commonly used for both consult on financial transactions (52%) and redeem coupons (40%) or purchase (42%). Although data indicate that these figures could be improved substantially. It is sad that the dropout rate of smartphone users (94%) is significantly higher than that of other devices, both tablets (81%) and computers (76%) (SeeWhy Conversion Academy).

Many of these problems can soluciarnse thanks to the implementation of an adaptive design ; implemented at both the design of the website itself, and the various actions carried out via e – mail.

In contrast, only 55% of companies have a website optimized for mobile, and 42% of marketers do not use the responsive design for your shipments, or as much in some isolated cases (ExactTarget). Something totally inadvisable, since 6 out of 10 mobile users say that abandons a website where you can not sail perfectly. This also leads to 48% of customers think the company does not care about your business. It should also clarify that local businesses are those most exposed to these consequences, since 72% of your web traffic is recorded through mobile devices.

Therefore, having a mobile strategy and should be mandatory for companies and brands who can no longer ignore the needs of its customers.It is time to adapt and “mobilize”.

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