The offline marketers are beginning to appreciate the value of internet for business

As recorded by RSR Research study, physical stores do not have to fear e-commerce, it can be your great ally.

The study indicates that online stores can help increase visits to the physical establishment and to improve the relationship with the customer, and the amount of your shopping cart.

The data show that 2 out of 3 retailers, has seen an increase in visits to your store, from its online store. In addition, more than half of these traders have benefited from its strategy of e-mail marketing to get customers are directed to the center.

The offline marketers are beginning to appreciate the value of internet for businessThe benefits of online strategy not only result in getting the target audience in person in the store, but the relationship established is enriched online offline.

Thus, the study has found that customers derived from the online store are of greater value than the rest. These differences are particularly evident in the case of those retailers who are used to fund boost your business. Thus, we can see that 51% of these retailers have customers who come referred by a site e-commerce buy more and have higher fidelity than the rest.

It is a fact, consumers prefer webrooming before the showrooming; buy in physical stores, before formalizing their online orders. As stated in June Merchant Warehouse, the webrooming has definitely tax showrooming, especially among younger buyers.

The main reasons why consumers prefer to buy offline are, first, because it is easier when returning the product, and obviously the great advantage of being able to physically have it in hand. On the other hand, 47% of study participants indicated that they prefer to buy in the physical store, to save shipping costs, while 23% prefer to get the product at the time, and not have to wait for the deadline delivery.

Moreover, even customers who buy online usually choose to visit the physical store to purchase products greater. This was collected Gallup in May. Therefore, it is not so much difference between physical store and ecommerce when designing a sales strategy as to provide an integrated experience, regardless of the selected channel and the different points of contact.

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