Twitter does positively affect users when making a buying decision

Having Twitter followers is synonymous with having clients involved with the brand. The study by Market Probe International has found that the engagement generated on Twitter between a brand and its followers positively influences when making a purchase decision.

According to the survey, conducted among 500 users 18 years older than follow small and medium enterprises on Twitter, 72% is more willing to buy a product from these brands or interact with them on Twitter. A practice that has a positive effect for the benefit of the brand image, and helps increase their visibility and to retain users .. 85% of fans feel more connected to a brand, after starting to follow. A unique moment that brands should use to promote engagement.

Twitter does positively affect users when making a buying decisionThe power and influence of the recommendations 

A follower committed to the brand has many points to become brand advocate. 30% of the followers of a brand are more likely to recommend it.The study shows that power is evidence of the recommendations more than ever. 86% of these respondents followers recognized a special predisposition to visit the company that a friend has recommended.

How to get followers committed to the brand?

Twitter offers these advantages, as long as you get followers really interested in your brand, who will retain if you keep your interest day after day. 61% of respondents follow and interact with brands, but they must give reasons for it, and generate engagement. Companies that are committed to innovation and creativity, providing information leading its sector, along with news of the brand and its products scot-free will be; is the content claimed by 73% of the followers.

You can also increase the visibility of your brand on Twitter increasing the presence of this social network on all your advertising. Either with social buttons on your website and other publications, both online and offline, in addition to promotional tweets. 34% of respondents interacted with one of these marks after seeing some of these options in their advertising, and 32% visited the company after meeting one of his tweets promoted.

What do you do to get followers on Twitter? How you interact with them later?

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