Yahoo BOSS to close 31 March

From 31 March, Yahoo BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) is set to close. What is this search service all about and why is it scheduled to disappear?

What does Yahoo BOSS do?

According to Yahoo, Yahoo BOSS provides complete solutions to create powerful search experiences. BOSS is aimed at both developers and non-developers, giving them the tools, APIs and web interfaces to build their own search services.

Yahoo is a global brand and over the years has invested millions into its research and development functions. By using Yahoo BOSS, both developers and non-developers are in the enviable position of being able to capitalise on Yahoo’s investment, achieving better-quality results than by constructing their own search engine.

History of BOSS

Yahoo BOSS was only launched in July 2008; therefore, it comes as a great surprise to many to hear that the service is being shut down after just a short number of years.

Yahoo BOSS to close 31 March

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At the start, Yahoo BOSS was powered off Yahoo’s search technology. When Microsoft took over its search functions, some of the features went across to Microsoft’s index.

A fee structure was introduced in 2010 based on query volumes, and in 2012 additional services such as BOSS Hosted Search were incorporated into the platform.

Why is Yahoo BOSS closing?

As with any business centred around technology and the internet, changes are inevitable to stay competitive. Yahoo continually strives to find ways to streamline its business and simplify its products, and it may well be that Yahoo BOSS was not providing the search giant with a distinct competitive edge.

Yahoo appears to be currently undergoing significant change, with recent media reports detailing huge numbers of job losses, office closures and other strategic changes on the cards. The demise of Yahoo BOSS could just be a small part of the overall plan.

What are the alternatives now?

Devotees of Yahoo BOSS will inevitably be disappointed to hear about its closure. Search is such an integral aspect for many businesses that to do without it can be disastrous. Naturally, businesses will need to look for alternative search services.

A good starting point would be to speak to an expert SEO agency such as, an SEO agency in Northern Ireland.

Alternatively, Yahoo BOSS customers can switch to using YPA, a JavaScript solution giving algorithmic web results.

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