How to choose sound equipment

It is simple to choose equipment at first glance, but selecting the system that will best meet your needs over the long term is a different matter. There are a lot of variables that interact especially when you factor in where the equipment will be placed and the acoustics. For Church Sound Systems, visit

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Once you are aware of the sheer number of products available, (many hundreds for some pieces of equipment), it is overwhelming. It is important to identify your preferences and aspirations before you start looking at these products. Below are the most significant points that will probably influence your choice:

Considerations to make when choosing audio equipment

First, you will need to consider:

  • Sound quality
  • Finish and aesthetics
  • Space size – smaller spaces will require small speakers and larger spaces will need bigger ones
  • Budget
  • Easy of usage
  • How reliable it is & build quality
  • Specs
  • Media formats (such as CD, vinyl records etc)
  • You should consider the sound levels that you are listening to. A system optimised for low levels of hearing will be different from one designed for high levels.
  • You can choose between stereo or surround sound, and possibly a subwoofer depending on your requirements.

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You’ll find there are many choices, so the above listed are just a few of the factors to help you reduce your list. After you’ve narrowed down your list, the next step is to look at reviews and endorsements. Remember that manufacturer claims can be biased so check with sound system experts and customer reviews.

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