Facebook goes to LinkedIn, and proves to be able to create job offers from the company pages

The strategy of Facebook to maintain its leadership in the network seems to be being to compete with the emergent services imitating its characteristics to take to its usurious. They have done it with Snapchat, Slack, Steam (this one bad enough) or Skype, and now it seems that they have in the searchlight to LinkedIn.

Facebook goes to LinkedIn, and proves to be able to create job offers from the company pagesThe first step was given last month by launching a corporate social network called Workplace. Now, according to Reuters could go further, as Facebook has announced that they are testing the possibility of adding job postings in a post, and that page managers can receive applications from candidates.

“Based on the behavior we’ve seen on Facebook, where many small companies post their job postings on their page, we’re running a test for page managers to create job ads and receive applications from candidates,” she told him. A spokesman for the social network told Reuters.

Offers that will appear in the News Feed

The first website to discover this new feature was TechCrunch after seeing that in its Facebook profile had appeared a work tab. In it there is a button that allows to create a job, being able to determine the title or name of the position, the salary to be received or if it is a part-time or full-time job.

To attract the attention of the candidates, the labor supply will appear in the news feed of the page that creates it, so we would see if we follow. It is also being studied to include a tab of works in Facebook that can serve as a start page for those who are looking for a new job. Applications would be received as a private message, and would lead to the public profile of the candidates.

In any case it should not be forgotten that at the moment it is only one of many tests carried out by the social network, so it could take time to arrive, never arrive, or to do so with a different design and characteristics. Also, in case they decide to go ahead it is to see how long it would take to take it to other countries.

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