Facebook wants to regain credibility, and will accept outside audition for its ad metrics

Facebook’s credibility in measuring the impact of its content suffered several setbacks last year, the most important when it acknowledged having inflated its video metrics for two years. In mid-December they warned about the remedies they were putting to reverse the situation, and today they have decided to take a much more resounding step to get it to regain the confidence of the media that want to bet on them.

Facebook wants to regain credibility, and will accept outside audition for its ad metricsIn a post in the official social network blog, Facebook has announced that they will accept that their metrics are supervised by a specialized external company , and that in this way they want to make sure that the information they offer to the partners that bet on them be exact.

“We are committed to an audit by the Media Scoring Board (MRC) to verify the accuracy of the information we deliver to our partners,” they wrote on their blog. “We have been working closely with marketers to understand their measurement needs on key issues such as reach, attribution, audience demographics, brand promotion, offline sales and mobile app measurement.”

They have also said that they will offer their partners much more detailed information on the impressions of the advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. This data will include the milliseconds that an ad has been on screen, and the milliseconds of when 50% or 100% of the ad has been viewed.

The company has said it will also offer more video ad buying options throughout this year, including the option to pay only for ads that have been viewed in full or to buy video ads with sound on. This second option confirms once again what we already told you last summer, that Facebook is serious about betting on the automatic activation of ads with sound.

The video takes force on Facebook

All these moves to strengthen your credibility and give more options to advertisers take place while Facebook moves their tabs to start creating their own original content. Earlier this month we knew they were preparing an application for TVs, and this same day we have told you that they have signed an MTV directive to lead their content line.

And of course, to deploy this new platform of content “to Netflix” effectively advertisers will be needed, and for these to be relied on after having made mistakes with the metrics is necessary to regain their credibility. Therefore, today’s has been a key step in this strategy.

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