How to choose the perfect T-shirt

There are probably few wardrobes on this planet that don’t feature a T-shirt of some kind. Dressed up or down, the T-shirt is one of those garments which can be depended on for style and comfort. However, by knowing the differences between certain styles and what suits you, it’s possible to get more mileage out of the humble T-shirt than you ever dreamed possible.

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Fit is vital

The way a T-shirt fits says a lot about the person who is wearing it. If the T-shirt is baggy and crumpled, then it suggests that the person inside is really feeling a bit ground down by things. When looking for a T-shirt, make sure that the fit is great around the areas you most want to emphasise, such as your shoulders. If you have well defined pecs, look for a style that skims this area, leaving enough room for air of course. If you have a narrow waist, then opt for a tapered style to avoid fabric gathering in your mid-section.

If you’re not sure which part of the body to emphasise, or don’t want to emphasise anything in particular, then you can’t go wrong with a classic fit. For some inspiration on current t-shirt styles that are available, check out this spread from The Guardian.

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Experiment with colour

White is always in style, but why not branch out into other shades? Navy can look great with denim and is a colour with a lot of depth. Men with pale colouring look good in bold hues, and olive or darker skins look good in most colours.

Black is a perennial favourite and goes with just about anything. You do want to be careful though to choose a black T-shirt made by a reputable manufacturer as inferior versions can fade rather quickly. Farah menswear has been creating popular looks from durable fabrics for a century now. You’ll find a brand with a great reputation such as Farah menswear offer a great selection of garments for all occasions.

By choosing carefully, the right T-shirt can elevate your personal style to new heights. With great fit and fabric, a T-shirt can go easily from casual to classic.

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