How to dress like a celebrity

Have you always wanted to dress like your favorite style icon? In many cases, brands low cost and other firms average price, offer us very similar, perfect for models to copy the style of our it girls preferred. One of the great successes of style of our celeb is precisely why, in expensive clothes combined with the cheapest. Copy and adapts its looks as you like, join its styling cues, and looks like a real celebrity at different times and events. Take note!

They have all the resources to be perfect (although sometimes we do not get), so our aim is to get us out the most, inspiring in their outfits journals, their looks more comfortable and in holiday outfits. All with the same goal: to ensure success!

Looks to succeed day (or an afternoon of shopping)

How to dress like a celebrity

The denim is always present in our closet, especially with its main star: the Jeans this is a basic requirement for outfits 24 hours from days working or shopping, to dinner with friends, with who look cute, comfortable and tidy, no be exaggerated. What we call a look versatile in any situation.

When a blazer is very formal or serious vest hair, you can be combined with a cotton shirt and jeans to become more casual. Fitted with a shirt and high heels, always you will achieve a more sophisticated touch. Never underestimate the power of jeans because they are the great allies of all seemingly unconcerned by dint of basic style.

With a few simple jeans you can get a look imposing. How? One of the tricks is infallible cede center stage to the accessories. Bags with bold and original prints, jewel belts and shoes can transform the style completely Olivia Palermo is always an inspiration bordering on perfection.

Is lunch with friends


The game of proportions and the combination of many fabrics and patterns are two key styles with successful results in a casual outfit, always accompanied by a touch of color in accessories and accessories.

The envy of the office


The celebrities are responsible to wear the latest trends and colors of the season. Kate Moss already has targeted the rose quartz in a perfect outfit for work. You can combine it with the shoe of the moment, the sneakers, and perfect for times when you need to go “fixed but casual” and so flaunt the effortless chic in you. If you opt for stilettos always without socks if you want to be like them have to strictly carry the saying, “you have to suffer to show off.”


Our famous favorite, often have the ability to choose simple pieces and wipe. They open the closet and “the first thing they get caught” appear looks effortless, but in reality everything is studied: monocolor or bicolor bets consist of basic items, where elegance and simplicity are the key combination.

And here are a mix of styles and trends, successful. Romantic touches, air naïf or retro inspiration, can be mixed carefully to look ‘near-perfect’. For example, if flirty garments together with other rockers like a biker, our ally 24 hours, resulting in this proposal Paula Echevarria, one of the girls it’s cloned. The leather jacket has reached classic status. Its continuous versions views zippers, studs and patterned to detail have made the successful bid for the celeb for the day and night, with skirts, pants and even long dress with shoes or heels for meals with friends, shopping spree, concerts, dinners …the biker black leather is already a recurrent and suitable for all basic.

How long or short? The party outfits to be the perfect guest


We’re going BIG DEAL! And do not know what to wear. A wedding, a cocktail party … and we liked the look of our celebrity favorite. Here are several ideas and different versions: red carpet maxi dresses, sexy mini dresses, sequins for more nights cute and tulle for romantics cocktails.


Bright colors, original cuts and fabrics that draw attention are favorites of celebrites to succeed in red carpet and to become the guest perfect. Remember, always without socks.

Of course, God’s outfits must be added the attitude. They know they will be subject to all flashes on the red carpet. What to do to succeed? Important gait your head always high and back straight. But best of all is the moment pose. One of the legs must be later than the other, shoulders back and always choose your good profile.

And to get your romantic side


Sarah Jessica Parker is a role model for its ability to mix fabrics and garments, but really is Carrie, her character in Sex and the City, in whom we keep setting to copy their outfits. So exceptionally we include Carrie Bradshaw as a celebrity. She was able to revolutionize the wardrobe of many women and became fashionable (in many other trends) the tulle skirts, one of the items most often repeated and successful event and you’ll get more than you think. The look with simple cotton shirts and you can and you must copy.

Or the sexiest!


A trick of style not seen for these occasions but so exclusive the famous donned special undies so they can boast of great body. It is reducing and even girdles effect push up the ass, if you need, perfect to hide imperfections.

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