How to manage itchy clothing tags

Coping with itchy clothing tags can be a common and irritating problem for many people. These small labels, which are designed to provide essential information about caring for your garment, can cause discomfort and distraction. Let’s take a look at this issue and its solutions.
The tags are normally added at the end of making the clothes. The manufacturing companies sometimes rush this process, using different threads and fabrics. Some companies choose aesthetics over comfort and opt for something more extravagant but unfortunately itchy, such as using a glittery fabric or raised lettering.

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The Federal Trade Commission explains that it is a legal requirement for the country of origin to be stated on the garment near the neck. While tradition and regulations have kept these labels in place for years, there is a growing movement towards tag-less clothing, which provides a more comfortable alternative.

A recent technological breakthrough is revolutionising the way we deal with itchy clothing tags. This innovation involves printing all the label information and care instructions directly onto the fabric, eliminating the need for traditional sewn-in tags and making itchy labels a thing of the past.

If you are having trouble finding tag-less clothing, we have a couple of solutions for you:

Remove the tag

One of the most straightforward methods to deal with itchy clothing tags is to cut them off. Using small scissors, snip the tag away from the fabric, being careful not to damage the surrounding material.

Label protectors

Another solution to combat itchy tags is to invest in tag covers or protectors. These covers act as a barrier between your skin and the tag, preventing direct contact and alleviating itchiness. Tag covers are a simple, effective and non-destructive way to solve the problem of itchy labels.

If you have sensitive skin, label protectors would be perfect for thick knitwear such as mens fisherman sweaters from stores such as

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The key is to find what works for you so that you can enjoy your clothes without the itchiness of the labels near your neck.

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