Ideas for a film dressing

The dressing has been for a long time, the dream of most women, who throughout the years have seen many characters series and films had a magical place to store your belongings. Also, there are many celebrities who have boasted of his magazines and television programs. Now, in addition, many men have realized that the dressing does not have to be female, but they also have the right to enjoy a space in which to place your clothes, accessories, and shoes, beyond a single cabinet.

If regardless of whether you are male or female, you have decided to create a dressing room in your home, we recommend you do not miss anything of what we tell you then, as today we will give you some ideas for you to get one of the film. So what, you come with us?

film dressing

A stay dedicated to dressing

If you want a great dressing as you often see in movies and TV series, the first thing you should consider is that you do not simply choose an open closet, but should go a step further. Thus, the ideal is that you spend a stay in your home to this space, preferably one that is stuck to your room or, better yet, to be linked directly to the bedroom. If you do not spare any stay at home but are lucky enough to have a large bedroom, then you can also dedicate part of it to the dressing room, although it is preferable to divide the space so they appear two different rooms, which can be done by screens, curtains or other spacer elements of space.


Believe it or not, one of the keys to achieving a bedroom dream is that space is appropriately lighted. In fact, the ideal is to get some natural light. Yes, but the place chosen windows available, you must also install some artificial light sources. Ideally, put a chandelier in the center of space and other points of light in the closet. As for the light center, it is ideal to choose a suspended attention-grabbing. You must choose one from a style or another depending on the type of decoration you want to prime the stay: vintage, minimalist, Nordic…


Undoubtedly, another key to having a film dressing is to keep order, for which need different elements: shelves, hangers, drawers, shoe, grids … It is important that you consider, especially if you do not have many meters square, that the things that you use or that more should be more beautiful sight while you use the least or clothes another season you will be relegated to the higher areas.

Elements that will make you more beautiful and practical dressing

In addition to the furniture pieces and accessories organizers, there are other important elements that should not miss in your dressing film. For example, it is essential, to put one or more mirrors, which should see the whole body. If you have room to spare, it’s not a bad idea to add a dresser, well dressed, you can finish fix in this space. Of course, you should also have a seat, preferably in the center. You can opt for an armchair, a longue, a bank, a pouf … Everything depends on the space you have. You can also place a mannequin or valet, rug, paintings, flowers…

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