Staying Stylish While Protected

As a woman, you know that it is important to stay protected, no matter where you are. One way that many women are choosing to protect themselves is with firearms. While this is a great method of protection, it can raise some complications when it comes to taking it with you. Concealed carry methods are often bulky and unappealing, leading many women to not carry their weapons when they’re going out in anything other than jeans and a hoodie.

Purse Concealment

One of the more popular concealed carry options for women is keeping the firearm in your purse or bag. By keeping your weapon with you within reach, but not necessarily on your person, you can avoid some of the bulk that traditional holsters give your silhouette. While you can easily put a holstered gun straight into your handbag, there are purses that have built-in holsters that look like a regular pocket. This will prevent your gun from getting lost in the clutter of your bag if you need it, and leave it in a place that’s easily accessible to you, but not to anyone else. If you’re a woman who doesn’t want to deal with having their holster concealed on your person, consider getting a purse holster for your gun.

Body Holsters

Another option for stylish concealed carry is a body holster. These aren’t your traditional hip holster, but rather something for your thigh or waist. Depending on the outfit you’re in, these can be virtually invisible under clothing while staying protected and secure. Body holsters for smaller guns will be even better for maintaining an outfit on a dressier occasion, as there won’t be as much bulk threatening to ruin the silhouette of your clothing. Aside from keeping you safe, wearing a body holster offers more security than a purse carry. If you want extra security without compromising your outfit, look into a body holster.

No matter how you choose to conceal your gun, you can do so stylishly. There’s no need to sacrifice safety for the sake of fashion.

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