Three crafts that use yarn and wool

There are plenty of crafts out there for you to try. If you’re into paper and card there is decoupage and card making. However, there are some that want to work in the world of three dimensions. This is where yarn and wool come into play. Yarn is thinner and coarser than wool but both offer interesting possibilities for crafting projects. Before you start you could look at getting some Knitting Kits. There are plenty of first-time projects that you can get into. Here are three great crafting ideas that you might want to take a look at.

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  1. Making a plant pot much more exciting. The use of yarn is one of the best ways to reimagine a boring plant pot. Yarn is used as it is hardier than wool. Pots, especially terracotta or metal ones can become dented and scratched over time. Rather than throw them away you can wrap different coloured strands of yarn around the pot.  This covers any imperfections and jazz’s up the plant pot way beyond its original look.
  2. A teddy bear. This sits in the world of wool. There are plenty of kits that you can buy or plan to follow. You will need a significant amount of stuffing for the bear. It’s surprising how much is actually required to fully fill one out. Parts of the bear are created separately. Arms and legs are sewed onto the main body but it is the head that requires the most skill. Buttons for eyes are a traditional choice and a mouth is easy to include with a big smile.

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  1. Jumpers. As the winter months start to arrive the need for a stout bit of knitwear is always appreciated, if not by someone else that perhaps yourself. The range of wool that you can use in these projects are wonderful to look at. If you want to have a more sleek and thinner jumper, perhaps for a Christmas party or gathering, then a cashmere option may well be what you are looking for. However, if you are after a nice thick jumper for a long winter walk then the option of chunky needs to be looked into.

Whichever one of the three projects you decide to embark upon you’re sure to find it a fulfilling and fun experience. Crafting is a great way to clear the mind after a long day and is also a great aid to the practice of mindfulness.

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