What sparked the knitting revival?

It is funny how many vintage crafts and traditions eventually come back into fashion. One trend that has recently experienced a resurgence – although many fans would say it never went away – is knitting.

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Today, even celebrities and influencers are in on the knitting craze, picking up their needles and yarn to create all kinds of fantastic creations. What has sparked the great knitting revival, which now seems to be as popular with young people as with older crafters?

Lockdown and knitting

As with many home crafts and pastimes, the main thing that sparked the knitting revival was COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic lockdowns. The population suddenly found itself at home with very little to do and turned to arts and crafts to provide hobbies, interest, and mental relief from the stress of the unprecedented global pandemic.

Handy postal kits

Sales of knitting kits from companies such as https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/knitting-kits grew rapidly, as these handy knitting kits could be posted with ease and provided everything crafters needed to carry out their new passion without needing to go to the shops to buy different materials and yarns.

Knitting kits were also a great choice because they provided instant projects for all ages and abilities and could be sent to friends and family for a pandemic pick-me-up gift. When physical shopping was forbidden, postal treats were a wonderful way to send love and support to people without having to leave the house. Knitting kits are still a hugely popular option for gifting today.

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What now for knitting?

The pandemic craze for knitting shows no sign of abating, even though Covid lockdowns are, thankfully, a distant memory. More people than ever are discovering the joy of simple pastimes such as knitting and crocheting, which can boost mental health, provide beautiful clothing and accessories for the home, and allow individuals to express themselves creatively without needing to spend too much money on supplies or possess complex skills.

It looks as though knitting is here to stay, and we are all here for it!

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