I have no idea of ​​Japanese but I can understand it thanks to Google’s instant translation

When Google bought Word Lens a few years ago, everyone imagined that they would give Google Translator new features. So it was. One year after the purchase of Word Lens, Google Translator managed real-time translation of images. This made it an ideal app for people traveling to other countries.

I have no idea of Japanese but I can understand it thanks to Googles instant translationWell, now Google Translator already incorporates Japanese in its instant translation thanks to the technology of Word Lens, according to report from Google. Google Translate already translated from Japanese, but now you can translate any text just by focusing it with the phone’s camera.

In order to enjoy this new feature, for now, we will have to download from APKMirror the updated application. It is currently in active development and can not yet be obtained from other sources.

To do this, simply open the application, select the languages, click on the camera button that appears under the field to enter the text to translate, point to the text that we want to translate and center it, and the translation will appear overprinted in the original language.

Now, it is worth commenting that for now it only translates from Japanese to English . The translation into other languages for Word Lens has not yet been implemented. For now what I can assure is that it works perfectly:

As for when you can translate from Japanese to other languages using Word Lens, you will have to keep waiting. It’s just a matter of time.

We remember that Google Translate offers the possibility of translating offline by installing language packs, which also applies to instant translation through augmented reality. The big goal of Google is still the translation of conversations in real time, but for that to happen there is still a long way to go. For now, Word Lens continues to receive new languages is still good news.

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