19 products that you should eliminate from your diet if you’re looking to lose weight

When our goal is to lose weight the first thing we usually do is eat healthier, however that is not enough but we must also reduce the intake of unhealthy foods in our diet. Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight, we show you 19 products that you should eliminate from your diet .

Table sugar

Table sugar is not a necessary food , as it does not provide any nutrient beneficial for the functioning of the organism, but only simple hydrates and easily assimilated calories.

It is a perfectly replaceable ingredient for foods that naturally sweeten such as stevia or others such as fresh and dehydrated fruits (dates for example), among others. We can also go to artificial sweeteners if we wish, although the most advisable is to reduce the sweetness threshold and adapt our palate to a diet without sugar or very reduced in it .


They are crispy, tasty, have fat and sodium, do not satisfy and have an effect on our body similar to drugs, which is why we can never eat a single fried potato . But also, they have acrylamide in many cases , a substance toxic to the body that harms health.

Since they do not have fiber or proteins, they do not provide good vitamins or minerals, we could say that fried potatoes are a concentrate of empty calories or of bad quality which, of course, we recommend reducing when looking for a weight reduction.

In his replacement we can make appetizers or homemade snacks like canes of fresh fruits and vegetables, spiced and roasted chickpeas , nuts or roasted seeds to the oven .

Commercial breaded and breaded

They are an easy alternative when solving meals, and we might think that if we make them in the oven they are a healthy option. However, as with chicken nuggets that have little chicken , its quality leaves much to be desired.

They are coated with refined flours, pre-cooked with a lot of oil and worst of all, we do not know what is inside exactly as they mix meat with other ingredients such as starches, flavorings and others that form a tasty but not very nutritious nugget.

In its replacement, we recommend making homemade bread crumbs with quality ingredients and much healthier of course, leaving aside these ultraprocessed and other products and using fresh food for their preparation as for example, pumpkin empanada or avocado batter .

Commercial ice cream

Most commercial ice creams have a high amount of added fats and sugars in their composition, a combination that makes them a preparation that does not satisfy, but instead encourages us to eat more and more .

Good alternatives to commercial ice cream are sorbets that are only sugar and water, or better yet, homemade ice creams without added sugars such as banana , pineapple and coconut ice cream , cherry and coconut or other alternatives .

Commercial breakfast cereals

They are ultra-processed loaded with sugar and can also contain large amounts of salt as well as trans fats or palm oil .

No satiated and provide valuable nutrients to justify their consumption, in fact, many are derived from refined flour , therefore, its use should be limited to the maximum and replaced with whole, natural cereals , unprocessed, such as oats, quinoa, amaranth, rice, whole wheat and derivatives, bran and others .

Cold cuts and sausages

They belong to the group of processed meats and therefore have more fat, salt, and even sugars than fresh or lean meats. In addition, they may contain substances that harm health and have been associated with an increased risk of cancer .

Among the cold meats and sausages we find some worse than others such as for example the most fat options and of dubious origin such as sausages, sausages and the like, but all should be reduced within the framework of a healthy diet that aims to help us lose weight.

Of course, its most recommended replacement are fresh and low-fat meats suchas lean beef, chicken breast or turkey, rabbit, and fish of all kinds.


We always say that the best drink is water and even more if we seek to lose weight, since sodas have a large amount of sugar and provide empty calories to the diet, being among, one of the main sources of free sugar .

As if that were not enough, they have substances with an addictive effect in our body such as caffeine and its derivatives. Therefore, nothing better than replacing both sugary and sugar-free sodas with water , naturally flavored water at home or similar, but away from industrial drinks.


They are another of the many sources of added sugars industrially, do not satisfy or provide good nutrients therefore, they are also empty calories that we should reduce in our diet.

Within this group we find candies, jelly beans, lollipops, chewing gum, and others that we can easily replace with almonds, nuts or other nuts that do satisfy or, for ripe red fruits source of natural sugars or dates .

Frozen hamburgers

They are also processed meats that can hide a lot of fat, salt and even sugars and refined flours in high proportions.

In addition, they can be little satiating if their protein content is reduced compared to their contribution of fat and sodium which, far from appeasing the appetite, encourages us to continue eating.

Although they are options that facilitate the resolution of a meal, much better alternative are fresh meats such as a veal fillet that is made in a matter of minutes and is food not a product. We can also make homemade chicken or vegetarian burgers if we want to add vegetables or legumes to the diet.


Whether frozen or purchased and ready to consume , pizza is a preparation traditionally made with refined flours and a variety of fatty products such as cured and semi-hard cheeses, cold meats, sausages, sauces and more.

If we want to satisfy ourselves and achieve dishes with good nutrients at the same time, we can make our own pizzas with whole grains, vegetables, legumes or other quality ingredients, fresh and unprocessed. Thus, we can achieve pizza of broccoli , eggplant , bonito and anchovy or many other options .

Fried and salty snacks

We always consider that salty snacks that we can find in the supermarket are a better alternative than sweet specimens. However, many of them hide fats of poor quality and salt in excess because they are fried and salty.

They are also a source of refined flours and can hide sugar in their composition, so they have an addictive component that encourages us to eat more and more. It is best to avoid commercial snacks and instead make super easy homemade snacks or chips of fruits and vegetables that are crispy and very tasty.

Honey or syrups

The honey is a natural sugar, but sugar free at last and so like sugar should reduce their consumption if we lose weight.

In a similar way it happens with syrups of all kinds (vegetable or not), since they constitute foods that are absorbed quickly, do not satisfy and do not contribute considerable good nutrients beyond the sugar or simple hydrates that they possess.

Like table sugar we can replace them with stevia or artificial sweeteners without calories, or if we look for a substitute for preparations we can use fruit or vegetable purees with high fructose grade (beet, pumpkin or carrot for example), dates, banana among others.

Dressings and commercial sauces

They are ultraprocessed of low nutritional quality and can hide a lot of sugar inside as well as fats and sodium, therefore, they are not suitable ingredients in a diet to lose weight.

Beyond calories the important thing is to look at the origin of them, because in this case we can access light options but with a large amount of sugar and sodiumthat do not favor health care or weight loss.

In addition, we can easily replace sauces and commercial dressings for healthier homemade options such as avocado and yogurt sauce , carrot , pasta , or other .

Cereal bars

We have already analyzed different options and the reality shows that without exception, the cereal bars are ultraprocessed of low quality that we should avoid.

Although there are no added sugars, most have a huge amount of sugar and are concentrated in calories that do not satisfy . Therefore, it is best to avoid the consumption of these products and go to homemade preparations in their replacement such as bars of oats and dates , dried apricots or others that will always be of better quality than those of industrial origin.

Fruit nectars

The fruit nectars have a large amount of sugar inside and because they are drinks, they do not satisfy as a piece of fruit does . Also, they have much less good nutrients than whole fresh fruit, hence the fruit nectars, as well as commercial fruit juices are not good alternatives when losing weight.

As we have said, the best replacement is whole fresh fruit or in moderation, natural fruit juices . Also water or flavored water naturally can be alternatives if we use fruit nectars as a regular drink.


All cookies , even those marketed as healthy, are also processed, the quality of which leaves much to be desired. Even cookies are also industrial bakery with harmful fats, sugars in large quantities, salt and concentrated calories that do not satisfy.

Therefore, it is best to reduce consumption and to use whole grain or full grain breads, as well as cookies without added sugars or refined flours made with our own hands.

Buns and cakes

The pastries of all kinds within which all kinds of buns and cakes predominate are obvious products that we should reduce if we seek to lose weight, because they concentrate sugar, fat and calories.

In addition, they do not satisfy, they have an addictive component to give us pleasure with their consumption and therefore, encourage us to eat more and more.

If we want to lose weight, we recommend reducing their consumption or replacing them with alternatives without added sugars and made at home with ingredients of better quality than those of industrial origin.

Commercial cafes

The coffees bought in recognized chains seem to be consumed like water without limitations. And although they do not satisfy, they concentrate calories and sugar in scandalous amounts .

Therefore, these products that underestimate and also have caffeine in varying amounts that has an addictive effect should be avoided in our diet to lose weight.

Instead, we recommend the most basic coffee, with no additions other than milk and, if possible, homemade, to find out what it is. And of course, in quantities no larger than 5 cups a day .

Purchased shakes

Like the cafes, the fruit shakes that we usually buy on the street, in well-known chains or fast food are considered healthy options to calm the worm in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon. However, they also hide a lot of sugar as demonstrated by this Burger King alternative .

Even the weight loss shakes that are marketed as meal replacements may contain added sugars in high amounts and other ingredients that far from helping us lose weight, hinder this process as is the case of the Formula 1 Herbalife shake .

At home we can always make milkshakes that are fresher and without added sugars, and we can also choose the ingredients according to our tastes and needs .

If you want to lose weight, these are 19 foods that we recommend avoiding in your usual diet to achieve a quality diet that favors weight loss and protects health.

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