Are you a lover of bread? Tips and tricks to make your consumption healthier

The white bread has almost no fat and is a source of complex carbohydrates, however, it is made from refined flour and this may be responsible for their high glycemic index, low power to satiate the body and its relationship to overweight if Are consumed in large quantities.

Although we can replace bread with lighter alternatives and without refined hydrates such as cloud bread or others, we can also continue to eat bread in a healthier way. Therefore, if you are a lover of white bread and you can not stop consuming it, we leave tricks and tips to make your intake healthier.

Are you a lover of bread Tips and tricks to make your consumption healthierTricks to make bread consumption healthier

So that we can continue to eat white bread we must improve its quality as well as control the quantity and include the same in the framework of a balanced diet. In this way, your intake will not harm your health at all.

The intention is that the white bread satiates us more, not be digested as fast as it offers slower energy to the body or what is equal, that has a lower glycemic index and also, that is a source of good nutrients.

To do this, we can practice the following tricks …

  • Combine your consumption with fresh fruits and / or vegetables such as a sandwich, a toast or a simple slice to which we add green leaves, tomato and avocado (or other vegetables) to accompany a glass of milk as part of a snack or breakfast . Also we can consume white bread next to a salad of fresh vegetables and thus, we will reduce its glycemic index, we will add fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Accompany the white bread with lean proteins to sate easily with your intake and also, reduce your glycemic index. For example, we can add a little turkey breast, fresh cheese, egg white, chicken breast or tuna to a slice of bread to achieve better nutritional quality. Some preparations that can add lean pan proteins are sandwiches or sandwiches, bread tarts or bread cakes .
  • Toast the bread so that it requires more time to chew, because although the toasts have no less calories than fresh bread but only lose water, they are harder and hard foods satiate more and help control the amount consumed. Thus, we will toast the breakfast bread, which we use for a snack or any other option throughout the day.

With these tricks you can make the consumption of bread more healthy and enjoy its intake without harming the body, because you will be satiated more, you will not have peaks of glucose or blood insulin and you will get more and better nutrients.

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