Aspartic acid effects in sports diet

The supplementation sports is something that is on the agenda, but often use it without knowing what each substance we eat and the effects it will have on the body. So in this post we stop at a supplement that many athletes use, it is the aspartic acid.

Surely if most of us wonder about this supplement we do not know for sure how to answer. We only know that it is good to increase muscle mass, and as a support to accelerate muscle recovery after workouts. But this substance is much more than that, and so before using it we must know its effects on the body.

Aspartic acid effects in sports dietWhat is it?

First we must be clear that aspartic acid ** is ** a nonessential amino acid that the body does not produce and which is obtained from food. This amino acid is part of the 22 that make up proteins. Its use in athletes is common because it is directly linked to the production of testosterone by the body and therefore muscle growth.


But not only will help us achieve greater muscular development, but is also a potent liver detoxifier, as well as help to remove blood many substances harmful to the body. It helps to improve mood and fatigue, it helps us recover sooner. Its use will help us to enhance neuronal function and thus the response of our body against different stimuli, causing better body we control at all times.

Foods that contain

It is true that aspartic acid supplements can help us get the recommended amounts for proper operation, but we can also get it through food. It is therefore necessary what foods will help us to get this amino acid that will help us achieve our goals and to be in better condition. Legumes, soybeans, eggs, nuts, flax seeds … are some examples where we can find this amino acid.

Other foods that provide us with aspartic acid include salmon, chicken, fish, beef, dairy, sugar cane, fruits, vegetables and most cereals. That is, is a type of amino acid found in many foods, but in the case of athletes requirements are higher by the body, as we submit to the muscles more effort, so sometimes the diet does not work alone.

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