Burpees, a complete exercise to activate the metabolism

We like to offer complete exercises that combine more than one muscle group and that the benefit we get with its performance is high. So in this post we are going to stop in a very complete exercise especially to burn calories. This is what is known as burpees. We are going to dwell on how to do it correctly and on the benefits that its execution will offer us.

First of all it is necessary that we take into account that it is an intense exercise that will serve to burn calories, since we will activate the metabolism, but for this it is necessary a correct development of each one of the movements that compose the burpees so that its result Is expected in addition to avoiding any injury that we may suffer. But in addition it has to be taken into account that it is an exercise in which we will work the strength and the skill, as well as the control of the body and of course it is a good aerobic activity.

Burpees, a complete exercise to activate the metabolismCorrect execution of the burpees

For its execution we will begin standing, looking forward. Keep in mind that the arms and legs will intervene in the activity, since it is a succession of movements in which we will combine a flexion with an elevation and a jump. For this we will only need our body, which will be the tool that we will use when carrying out the whole exercise.

Starting from the position described, we will bend down with our knees bent to support our hands on the floor with our arms apart. With our knees drawn up against the peco, we will throw them back in a jump, so that the feet are supported by the tips, the hands on the ground and our body straight. In this position we will perform a pectoral flexion, that is, we will lower the body to the floor and lift it by the action of arms and chest.

Once this is done, keeping your hands on your back, you will advance your legs forward with your knees to your chest . Once we are in this position we are going to push ourselves upwards to hit a jump as high as we can and thus return to the initial posture to re-perform the entire sequence of movements. This exercise can be repeated in sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. The faster we make it, the more energy we’ll get and the better results we’ll get. Of course, it is necessary that we control at all times the movements and postures so as not to harm us.

Total Involvement of the whole body

With the burpees we will involve the whole body and we will achieve a complete muscular work from the point of view of toning. To this we must add the aerobic exercise that this represents, since the metabolic activation is such that by performing a series of repetitions we will achieve an acceleration of it and a greater burning of calories than with other more conventional exercises.

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