Carpal tunnel syndrome: Why it occurs and how is?

Have you ever felt a tingling, almost annoyed at the tips of his fingers? Or perhaps weakness or numbness of the wrists ? It is very possible that this is the carpal tunnel syndrome, a common condition among the population that presents with these symptoms are so common.

Syndrome, very common carpal tunnel professionals who perform repetitive motions with his hands (although this does not have to be your ultimate cause), can affect up to 90% of the general population is larger in women and occurs more frequently in adulthood, between 40 and 60 years.

Carpal tunnel syndrome Why it occurs and how isLet us see why this condition occurs so frequently, how it is treated and how we can prevent it.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs due to an entrapment of the median nerve in the wrist area. This “tunnel” is a kind of passage in which, besides the median nerve are the flexor tendons of the fingers. In the event that the space of this “tunnel” is reduced for some reason (if an inflammation of these tendons occurs or if there is fluid, for example), the nerve is trapped leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

This condition may be due to several factors: on the one hand, can occur because our carpal tunnel is smaller than it should (not the same size in all people), theremay be a post-trauma inflammation, may have fluid retention due to pregnancy or menopause …

The symptoms usually associated with those who are tingling in the fingertips or in the palm of your hand, hand numbness or a weak grip.

Treatment and prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome

The most important thing if we notice these symptoms and see that can interfere with our daily lives or in our daily activities is to go to a professional doctor so you can make a diagnosis. It is not only important to know what happens to us, but where is its origin in order to treat it properly.

In the event that the origin of carpal tunnel syndrome is in another pathology (hypothyroidism, trauma, arthritis) it will be necessary to treat the main condition to improve.

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome usually involves immobilization with a splint discharge, in principle night use, but can also extend its use more hours a day if necessary. Sometimes they can also be prescribed anti – inflammatory.

Although there is no scientific evidence that repetitive movements such as using the mouse or computer keyboard may be the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, if the recommended use of ergonomic devices (keyboards and mouse pads with wrist pad, or the Dvorak keyboard, whose design places most frequently used keys in the middle row and whose use requires less finger movement) to minimize or prevent pain.

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