Dental Technology: We’ve Come a Long Way Since the Foot Drill

It’s hard to imagine how much dentistry has changed in the last century. From huge advances in pain management to easy and effective cosmetic treatments, a trip to the dentist is a completely different experience. To celebrate this, we’ve compiled a short overview of the new technologies. We certainly have come a long way since the foot drill.

Dental Technology

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1. Pain Relief

Most importantly, dental pain relief now comes in many forms, from nitrous oxide and local anaesthetic to IV general anaesthetic for those who would rather sleep through the procedure. Some dentists are even becoming practitioners of hypnotherapy to help calm the nerves of anxious patients.

2. Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are leading vast improvements in dental diagnostics. The x-ray image appears on the computer screen immediately, and this allows your dentist to zoom in and around the image to look for damage and decay. Digital x-rays are also safer than conventional x-rays, containing around 90% less radiation. This means they can be used more regularly to further identify damage before it becomes prominent. They are also safe to use while pregnant.

3. Invisible Braces

Invisible braces such as Invisalign allow adults to correct crooked and uneven smiles with a see-though retainer-like device. Both effective and comfortable, they are ideal for those who don’t want the hassle or embarrassment of a year of wearing metal braces. You can find out more from companies such as When it really matters, you can simply take them invisible braces out, which also makes cleaning and eating different foods straightforward.

4. Laser Dentistry

Is there anything a laser can’t do? In dentistry we’re using them for a wide variety of tasks, from filling cavities to removing tumours and whitening your smile. The laser probably wins the award for the most useful all-round innovation in dentistry. Your dentist in Dublin will also use it to eliminate bacteria, reducing the chance of infection.

But the list of new innovations doesn’t stop there. Next time you visit your dentist, take a look at the reading material in the waiting room, and you might be surprised exactly how far we’ve come. One thing is for sure – visiting the dentist is no longer something to dread. And we can all be thankful for that.

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