Do you live in a healthy home? We tested Healthy Home Coach, a device that proves it for you

Caring for a healthy lifestyle involves taking care of our diet, our physical activity, integrating sports into our daily lives, taking care of our rest and the quality of our sleep … And it can also include living in a healthy environment that promotes good habits and that it has the best possible conditions for our body.

To verify that, indeed, we live in a home and a healthy environment have appeared some gadgets like Healthy Home Coach Netatmo : a device that measures different factors such as temperature, humidity, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and noise what’s in our home, and what helps us to find them within the appropriate parameters. We have tried it and these are our impressions.

What is Healthy Home Coach and what is it for?

As we said, Healthy Home Coach is a gadget that helps us measure the non-visible parameters (temperature, humidity, air quality and noise level) that make a home healthy. Parameters that we often overlook but that are important when it comes to improving our quality of life.

The Healthy Home Coach is a small decorative device that you can place in any of the rooms in your home that you want to monitor. It is connected to the current through a charger and via Bluetooth with our phone, which is where we will receive all notifications through its free download application (available for ios and android, and which can also be linked to the My House of ios app ).

The device has a button at the top that we can press to get a reading of the environment of our home. It also has a led light through which changes color if the reading changes. The Healthy Home Coach also connects to our Wi-Fi network to perform data readings periodically and send notifications to the app.

How does the Healthy Home Coach work?

Three of the factors that Netatmo analyzes: humidity, temperature and noise

The operation is very simple: the only thing we have to make sure is that it is correctly connected both to the network and to our telephone and he himself will begin to make periodic readings of the different parameters . We can also request a reading at a given time manually, either from the same device (by pressing the upper button) or from the mobile application.

The readings are based on the parameters of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA) and the device notifies us with a notification when one of them is not in the right range so that we can modify it. The factors that it measures and the ranges of normality of the same are the degree of humidity, the environmental temperature, the noise and, perhaps the most interesting of all, the quality of the air.

My experience with Healthy Home Coach

Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach can perhaps be an interesting gadget if there are babies or people suffering from asthma or some type of respiratory disease in the house (something that, moreover, can be configured within the application to be able to set safe parameters adequate to them): in short, for people who may have special needs when it comes to controlling these environmental parameters . For the general public I think it is something more “curious” than anything else: it certainly gives important information, but its use has not changed my day to day.

The configuration was simple: once we have opened the account in the application it connects practically only to our phone. Yes, I recommend that when you configure it you will be very close to your Wi-Fi router to recognize the signal . Despite being in the same room, I had to change the plug device to one more fence to the router to identify it.

The application has a very simple operation and gives us readings of all the parameters immediately , so that we can modify them if we see that something is not right. It is also interesting that you send notifications to our phone when, for example, there is too much noise in the room or there is a need to ventilate to improve air quality.

As I say, I think it can be useful for certain people with respiratory or elderly problems that require special attention in this regard. Maybe it can also be a good gift for someone who expects a baby and wants to take care of these aspects. But for a person on foot I consider it unnecessary.

In any case, this type of gadgets can improve our quality of life by addressing certain aspects that perhaps we did not consider before and that we can begin to control from now on.

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