Do you struggle with the uncomfortable gases? Nine tips to stop them

Who is not a victim from time to time of annoying gases? Who more or less everyone has days in which to deal with the excess of gases is, besides something complicated, a continuous heaviness and annoyance.

Although most of the time it is a benign problem, the fact is that the sensation of bloating and distension and, sometimes, the abdominal pain that leads to the accumulation of gas makes this disorder become a real ordeal. Do you struggle with the uncomfortable gases? Nine tips to stop them.

If you are one of those who generally suffer discomfort due to the accumulation of gases or the excess of winds, it is time for you to start paying a little more attention to your diet routine and certain habits that may be hurting you.

Although the causes are very varied, following some simple guidelines and recommendations, you will greatly reduce this uncomfortable discomfort.

Do you struggle with the uncomfortable gases Nine tips to stop them9 Tips to End Gas

  • Reduce the consumption of the foods that generate the most gases : each person is a world and each one affects the consumption of the same foods in a different way, but there is still a series of foods that can be generalized as direct causes of accumulation of Gases.
    • Vegetables : cabbages, cauliflower, cabbage, chard, artichokes, turnips, asparagus or lettuce.
    • Legumes : beans, chickpeas, lentils, beans or peas .
    • Fruits : apricot, pineapple, raisins or plums.
    • Soft drinks in general.
  • Choose to peel fruits and vegetables : to reduce the gases that produce certain fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to eat them well mature and try to peel them, whether we eat them alone or if we throw them in salad. Pay particular attention to tomato and carrot.
  • Accompany meals with gas-reducing spices : it can be a very appropriate cooking tool when preparing vegetables or foods that generate gases. Using reducing spices such as peppermint, laurel, anise, oregano or cardamon, during the cooking or boiling of these foods can greatly reduce their effect of abdominal distention. Similarly, taking infusions that are recommended to prevent belly swelling can be of great help: herbal, fennel, mint 
  • Take care of the way of cooking : if you have a lot of ease to accumulate excess of gases try to cook the foods of the most natural way possible.
  • Do not lie down too soon : if you just have a somewhat heavy dinner or that presages the “imminent arrival” of gases, it is advisable not to lie down immediately. A couple of hours before lying down can save us a lot of trouble.
  • Attention to protein supplements : as data, if there is anyone who still has doubts about it, supplements containing ovalbumin have the peculiarity of producing rather foul-smelling gases. Write down these tips that can help prevent the shakes from giving us gas .
  • Choose probiotics : foods like kefir , which we have been talking about these days, can be a great help in avoiding digestive problems and gassing accumulations, helping to regenerate flora and intestinal transit.
  • Take care of eating habits : try to do it slowly and avoid swallowing too much air (aerophagia), one of the most common causes that generate gases. As a curious fact: Aerophagia is often related to patterns of stress and anxiety, and statistics confirm that people who breathe heavily or sigh frequently have more gas.
  • Avoid abrupt changes in diet : especially if it is a severe change to a diet with higher fiber content as it can accentuate the appearance of gas. Likewise, a diet that leads to constipation, and more if we do not accompany it with a certain mobility, will facilitate the appearance of winds.

Pay attention to symptoms

These simple tips can help you enormously to reduce the accumulation of gases and the annoying symptoms they entail.

As we have said before, gases are generally a benign disorder, but if at any time we prove that they disturb the quality of life of a person, or that we suffer a symptomatology that includes strong pains or vomiting , it is the moment to go to the doctor For correct diagnosis and treatment.

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