Eleven meals from which you can eat everything you want without worrying

Just as there are foods that by their composition or calories are perfect for weight loss or eating in quantities without getting fat, today we show you the eleven meals from which you can eat as much as you want without worrying.

Preparations that you can eat without worrying

Foods based on fruits, vegetables and water with a large amount of water in its composition are especially remarkable if we want to eat “ad libitum” without worrying about getting fat. Also, we can find very satiating preparations with lean proteins or large amount of fiber.

Some dishes that you can eat without worrying are …

  • Broths : the broths are the cooking water of different ingredients and therefore, they have almost no calories but they can have a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as a lot of flavor. You can drink as much as you want if you care about vegetable broths, fish, chicken, veal or others, although it is always advisable that you make them yourself at home .
  • Gazpacho : it is a preparation rich in water and in large volume offers very few calories. In addition, it also includes fiber so it fills easily without offering too many calories to the body. We can make a traditional Andalusian gazpacho or gazpacho with other vegetables or based on several fruits.
  • Creams and cold soups : in addition to gazpacho, other soups and cold creams can be filled with water, with good nutrients and some of them with fiber and proteins that satisfy. Thus, we can consume everything we want from different cold moisturizing soups this season.
  • Waters of flavors : they preserve the essence of water as a moisturizing drink without calories but with different flavors, aromas and even colors. We can infuse the water with various pieces of fresh fruit, vegetables or aromatic herbs, as shown by our colleagues at Directo al Paladar .
  • Tortilla de claras : beating egg whites quickly, adding fresh herbs and salt to taste we can make an omelette with high quality proteins, very satiating and light. In addition, we can add fiber if we combine the whites with seasonal vegetables and so we can achieve omelette or omelette of zucchini, tomato, avocado or as many as the imagination allows us.
  • Cloud bread or bread of cloud : it is an alternative without hydrates to the traditional bread that elaborates based on quality proteins that derive from a milk and eggs. Thus, this bread that we can use in sandwiches, spreads or other dishes is satisfying in large quantities and very light since it also has a milkshake that adds air to the preparation and therefore reduces its caloric density.
  • Salads of fresh vegetables : if you want a super-light and large-volume preparation to eat in large quantities without worrying about the salad with fresh vegetables is an excellent option as these will add fiber and water with very few calories but a lot of volume on the plate . We can make depurative salad with different vegetables, salad of watercress and orange , kale massageor others. One of my favorites is based on cucumber, tomato, lettuce and grated carrot.
  • Zoodles : fake spaghetti of vegetable origin are rich in fiber and water and have a variety of nutrients depending on the vegetable that gives rise to it. Thus, they are light and of great volume so we can enjoy them without worrying about getting fat. We can make pumpkin , zucchini , or carrot with a little olive oil and cheese and enough to satisfy us with very good nutrients and few calories.
  • Shrimp brochettes: if we place shrimp on a skewer until it is full, we sprinkle with lemon juice and pepper and place it on a hot plate. We will quickly have a satisfying meal due to its large quantity of quality proteins and almost no fat. Therefore, we can eat everything we want from this preparation without worrying. It is possible to prepare the brochette only of shrimp or, combine them with fruits and / or fresh vegetables.
  • Macedonia of fresh fruits : a salad of different fresh fruits can be the ideal dessert to enjoy without worrying about the amount consumed, it is a preparation rich in water and fiber, with good nutrients and very light but satisfying. We can make this dish with as many fruits as we want and it is also possible to add pips or chopped nuts if we want to add healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants and vegetable proteins.
  • Grilled fish: we can use a blue fish or a white fish, both are excellent sources of quality protein that satiate the body but the first offers good fats while the second is very lean and therefore much lighter. Both options are suitable to consume without worrying about their quantity. We can make grilled cod, tuna, salmon, gilthead or any other fish of our liking.

How should meals be to eat without worrying

Each of the previous preparations share their high satiating power or their low caloric density , that is, their high volume with very few calories.

To reduce the caloric density of a dish, it is very helpful to add water or ingredients containing it to it, such as ice, fresh fruits or vegetables, as well as adding air, for example, with an intense shake that does not add calories.

Another feature that meals can have to eat without worrying about the amount is to be rich in lean proteins , because they satiate and demand a great caloric expenditure to the body to digest. This implies that we will easily control the amount consumed but also, our body will almost not save calories from the proteins consumed.

The fiber is also a nutrient that leaves very few calories to the body (around 2 Kcal per gram) and that satisfies, therefore, the dishes that contain it are also suitable to enjoy without worries.

Although these preparations can be consumed without worrying, it is always important to eat in moderation and include these and other dishes in the framework of a balanced diet.

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