Extra glucomannan paste and potential side effects

The paste or konjac glucomannan is the alternative “ light ” to the traditional pasta and being a derivative fiber offers great benefits to the body. However, too much can also have side effects.

Extra glucomannan paste and potential side effectsWhile traditional flour – based paste is also harmful in excess if unbalances our diet and promotes a positive energy balance, this paste glucomannan can have immediate side effects if we eat a hearty serving of it. Namely:

  • Gastrointestinal discomfort: konjac is a polysaccharide not fully digested body, therefore, it behaves as a dietary fiber and is a natural laxative for the same. However, consumed in large quantities can accentuate colonic fermentation and intestinal transit to the point of causing inflammation, distension, colic and diarrhea, so it is advisable to accustom our body to its intake by gradually increasing the amounts and not to abuse the Every time we eat it.
  • Reduced absorption of fat soluble vitamins : being a fiber removes bile acids in the intestine, reducing absorption kongaj vitamins E, A, D and K without changing the use of water soluble vitamins. Eating a large portion of glucomannan pasta daily can prevent the proper assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins important to the body.
  • Esophageal obstruction : for its ability to retain water and form highly viscous to liquid solutions, glucomannan may obstruct the esophagus or upper gastrointestinal tract, especially, have been reported in those pathological conditions in the digestive tract. For this same reason, a large amount of glucomannan should not be swallowed in a short time.
  • Drug interaction : and can reduce the absorption of fat – soluble vitamins by the removal of bile acids and form viscous solutions that the body can not use in contact with water, the kongaj can reduce the absorption of drugs that require bile salts to exploit or Which can not pass through the viscosity produced by glucomannan.

Clearly the pasta konjac glucomannan or having valuable properties to produce satiety, reduce cholesterol and health benefit for its fiber, can also have side effects if consumed in excess .

Just consider that as with everything, this paste light has its side B and in large quantities can show its negative effects, therefore make better use of it in moderate amounts.

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