Five exercises to improve grip: Lift more weight in a safer way

When it comes to training, hands, wrists and forearms are one of the most important part of our body and yet we often set aside. Especially in pulling exercises, such as dominated or deadlifts, strong hands and forearms can make the difference if we want to lift more weight or perform more repetitions.

Five exercises to improve grip Lift more weight in a safer wayTraining to improve our grip can help us, therefore, not only lift more and better, but also do it in a safer way, with a lower risk of injury. Here are some of the exercises you can do to improve your grip.

  • Farmer’s walk: one of the most effective exercise in improving our grip and, at the same time, one of the most intense we can perform. With the farmer’s walk or farmer’s walk we not only work our grip, but it is a great exercise to test our whole body: from our resistance to the strength of our legs or the efficiency of our core muscles to maintain a good position.The exercise is simple: we simply place two large dumbbells on both sides of our body (we work with very high weights), load them with arms stretched out (look at our posture when lifting the load so as not to hurt our lumbars) and move them from one place to another.
  • Hanging from the bar: another super simple exercises that we can do and that we will be very good, especially if we are beginners, is simply hanging on the bar and dominate as long as possible. At the beginning we can do it simply with our body weight and, when necessary, we can add more weight by hurting ourselves.
  • Rope Climbing: If you have a climbing rope in the gym, this is a great exercise to work on gripping our hands. Also working with battle ropes will help us improve the strength of hands and forearms.
  • Working with kettlebells: kettlebells are very useful in improving the strength of our forearms. Some exercises like the turkish get up or turkish uprising in which the kettlebell is placed face down and above our wrist allows us, in addition to training the strength of the forearm, to improve the stability of our wrist.
  • Use of fatgripz or wider grips: an element that can be very helpful in improving our grip is the use of fatgripz (a kind of rigid tubes that are attached to the bars to achieve a wider grip of the Itself) or simply work with wider bars if we have them available.

Spending a few minutes each day on our training to improve grip strength (we can do a different exercise every day and go varying them during the week) will help us to continue progressing in the future and not sting in the weights when the time comes.

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