FreeStyle Free, a glucometer for diabetics without punctures

At a time when people suffering from diabetes are waiting promising smart watches that can track their glucose levels non – invasively, Free FreeStyle hope appears as alternative to traditional glucose meter and punctures.

The problem with this new meter is none other than the cost of maintenance, though from platforms like Charge already struggling through collecting signatures for a get a right as to restore, in part, the quality of Life of the diabetic group. We analyze the FreeStyle Libre, a glucose meter for diabetics without punctures.

FreeStyle Free, a glucometer for diabetics without puncturesMonitoring of glucose measurement

Any diagnosed diabetic should follow a continuous and mandatory control of their glucose levels to constantly monitor possible peaks in their measurements that make you fall into a hypoglycemia (lowering of blood glucose levels below the limit) or on the contrary will be forthcoming A hyperglycaemia (increase of glucose over the limit). 
Both circumstances are of critical need to avoid, so much so that in the case of severe hypoglycemia the patient may even fall into a state of unconsciousness and death.

What every diabetic “apie” done daily, is pricked countless times a day to measure, through blood and using a convencial glucometer, glucose level at that moment, not counting the rest of punctures corresponding To daily insulin doses. In addition to being an invasive procedure (requiring puncture), it is a routine with which the fingers end up as “strainer” during the rest of their days; not to mention the inconvenience of taking measurements anywhere and still be confident that you are never sufficiently controlled between.

FreeStyle Free, advantages and disadvantages

The new meter created by the company Abbot has emerged precisely as a new path to greater freedom and continuous monitoring of diabetics. A non-invasive meter capable of monitoring blood glucose levels, at any time, through a simple scan.

Specifically, the meter consists of a discrete sensor to position adhered to the skin that automatically measures and stores continuous glucose readings, day and night, and a sensor that scans the levels and allows you to view the data collected by The sensor.

A simple and fast way, controls glucose levels at any time of day, in just a few seconds without blood and with a mechanism to be alerted by a warning of alarming changes in glucose levels and avoid falling into dangerous states hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia .

Up to here all positive, do not you think? Let’s take a look at how it works Free FreeStyle.

Now it is when they arrive disadvantages of glucometer: maintenance cost. Without a doubt, this new measurement system would be a respite for people with diabetes (both in comfort and tranquility), but the problem is none other than its cost of maintenance.

The duration of the sensors of the meter is 14 days, at which time they must be replaced by a new unit that costs 59.90e in its official website (only selling site). That is, only the maintenance of monthly meter (taking into account that we would need two patches per month) amounted to 119.80e, excluding initial costs the reader 60e. A frankly disproportionate expense for most mortals.

The struggle for social subsidies

Charge.Org from platforms as you fight for the grant of this glucometer by the Social Security , encouraging people collecting signatures (where you just have to put name).

The goal : to try to normalize, if only in part, the lives of people with diabetes and their daily routine of jabs. People who contribute to Social Security throughout his life and only want to take advantage of technological advances (uneconomical in this context) to lead a more comfortable life and a much more controlled health by avoiding real risks .

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