Hemp oil benefits for fibromyalgia

Do you know the benefits of hemp oil for fibromyalgia? We have read about it on different health blogs.

A disorder like fibromyalgia causes muscle aches and fatigue. Those who are affected by this disease suffer pain and tenderness throughout the body. In addition, other symptoms such as headaches, trouble sleeping, tingling or numbness in hands and feet, painful menstruation, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness occur.

The origin of this disease is unknown, although it is believed that there are some factors as trauma due to an unpleasant experience or some sort of recurring injury. There are also scientists who believe that fibromyalgia may have a genetic origin, although it is not shown.

Hemp oil benefits for fibromyalgiaHemp oil to treat fibromyalgia

The other point is we will try hemp oil. It is extracted from the plant cannabis sativa but contains no narcotic element. It is rich in linoleic and gamma – linolenic acid and is useful in many therapeutic applications. Moreover, also it used as acream for skin problems or allergies derivatives eczema. Even has utility as cosmetic, forming part of the elements of shampoos and gels.

Not to associate hemp oil consumption of drugs, in fact, has been very present in ancient times for the production of everyday consumer goods such as clothes, pieces of boats, paper…

What relationship may have fibromyalgia and hemp oil? Several studies have shown that this oil is able to alleviate the pain caused by fibromyalgia. The composition of hemp has omega-3 and omega 6, two elements that represent an effective treatment, since there is no cure. Therefore, hemp oil is effective only in regard to palliate the pain will never be a determining treatment.

The boat we buy must be in a dry place where light does not come when it is open, place it in the refrigerator. Nope to use it to fry! Oil properties not only disappear but it can become harmful to our health. However, yes we can use it to flavor our salads.

What do you think the benefits of hemp oil for fibromyalgia focused on mitigating the pain?

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