How Can I Keep Myself Healthy When I’m Sexually Active?

One of the most asked questions by people who are sexually active is “How can I keep myself healthy when I’m sexually active?” It’s a valid concern because sexually active adults are at risk for STDs. The major cause of STD is being in a relationship with an infected person. Being sexually active doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll get infected but it does increase your risk. Being sexually active and being in a relationship are not the only ways you can contract STDs though.

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When people become sexually active they can have multiple partners. Multiple partners increases your risk for contracting an STD so it is important that you consider safe sex carefully. The best way to be sure is by having only one sexual partner at any one time. For advice on Home STI kits Bexley, go to a site like Bexley Sexual Health, a provider of Home STI kits Bexley

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How can I keep myself healthy when I’m sexually active? There are many magazines available for purchase as well as books with information about the value of sexual health and sexuality. You should always seek a medical doctor’s opinion before beginning any new treatment or device. STDs can sometimes be cured or avoided if you are aware of them and know how to prevent them from occurring. Prevention is always better than a cure.


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