How to stay healthy and well in retirement

Many people associate retirement with deteriorating health and lack of mobility. Although your body will change as you age, you can stay healthy throughout your retirement years and appreciate many activities the same as before. You’ll want to stay mobile, stay sharp, and continue to have a social life.

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Focus on education. You’re never too old to learn something new. Many colleges offer continuing education programs for seniors. These are often free or hugely discounted.

Have some fun. Keeping fit doesn’t mean you must go on a fitness bootcamp! Any activity that gets you moving, engages you or makes you smile to improve your health. Spend time with the grandchildren, walk your dog around the neighbourhood, or plant the garden you have always wanted. If you do need to move into a care home, be sure to find one with lots of social activities. For more on Care Homes Solihull, visit

Turn off the TV. A couple of hours a day won’t hurt you, but too often retirees don’t know what to do with their time and the temptation is to keep the TV on and watch for hours. In fact, too much TV is associated with increased rates of depression and anxiety.

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Plan group activities. Focus on your mental and physical health with the group’s activities. Hike schedule, playing outdoor games, or take part in exercise classes with your friends. Walking pub can even improve your emotional and physical health, as long as you drink enough. Keep in touch and build new friendships will extend your support group and gives you a sense of belonging. Stay home garden gives you access to a number of social activities.

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