Keys to make a rhinoplasty

Beyond mere aesthetic issues, rhinoplasty is a procedure that can offer benefits to functional level to relieve some breathing problems or improve the functioning of the nostrils. Above rhinoplasty and its price, which many may consider high, is the welfare of the patient, why it is possible that we are facing one of the most popular methods.

Although it is very common to use this treatment for their aesthetic purposes, rhinoplasty can help us improve our respiratory function, thereby facilitating our quality of life. With this technique you can make a number of changes, which are aimed at the bridge area, the tip or nostrils, and change the size of the nose. Precisely, the deterioration caused by certain injuries, resulting in an asymmetrical or distorted nose, can be corrected by a rhinoplasty.

Keys to make a rhinoplastyBefore you start comparing clinics rhinoplasty and price, we have very clear where the real problem is. Many people claim they do not know determine exactly why they do not like every time you look in the mirror, knowing that the problem lies in the bones.

On the other hand, there are patients who choose to combine nose surgery with other procedures such as facelifts or chin implants.

How rhinoplasty is performed

When performing a rhinoplasty you must know that you will require hospital admission for a day. This operation is performed under general anesthesia or at least located in the area to be treated. Thanks to the incorporation of new techniques, less invasive, the postoperative of these procedures is more comfortable and painless for the patient, to the point of reducing as much as possible the pain and minimizes the appearance of edemas and possible bruising. However, it should be noted that during the operation, the patient will not feel pain or discomfort.

Prediction software help surgeons and patients themselves to know what the final result. In centers put your hands on the latest advances in technology and know – how of its highly qualified professionals so you can get the expected results.

Depending on the difficulties that may arise from the intervention, the patient’s condition and readiness, general or local anesthesia you will be administered. This method can be carried out from an open or closed technique. In the latter case the operation is performed within the own nostrils, while the first is to carry out an incision in the skin located between the base and tip of the nose. Subsequently it moves away from the bone structure, so that once the procedure is performed, it is put back making a small suture.

In case it is intended to correct the width of the nose to tune it, we must work on the bones of it to rebuild and achieve a more closely. The rhinoplasty also used to treat nose curve is too steep, for which case the bone screws her through suitable instrumentation to the desired shape.

Tips to make a rhinoplasty

When perform rhinoplasty, you have to remember that it cannot smoke 15 days before the operation, in addition to avoid extreme food and drinking the day before. Similarly, you must not take medication with anticoagulant effect, for at least two weeks prior to the intervention.

To perform this kind of aesthetic and functional methods, the patient must have a very clear decision and have an optimal health to avoid complications during and after surgery.

Do not forget that during the first days appreciate the nose and face are swollen, a fact that will disappear after a month. At the same time we should take painkillers recommended by the surgeon as well as decongestants and even cold compresses on the skin.

It is also recommended sleeping on your back or side, avoiding at all times placing the nose on the pillow. To all this we must add that during the first few days after surgery, the patient does not make physical efforts, avoid sun exposure and extreme cold or blowing your nose.

Have you undergone a rhinoplasty? How was the experience?

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