Local foods have better taste, and three other benefits of eating

Consuming locally produced food is a great resource if we seek to eat healthier, but in addition, local foods have better taste, as they unleash pleasurable responses related to the moral satisfaction of being fostering local commerce and this, positively affects taste responses. But in addition, we show three other advantages of its consumption …

Local foods have better taste, and three other benefits of eatingThey protect the environment because they are produced locally, they require less transportation, less packaging and, of course, lower energy consumption that reduces costs and helps to take care of the environment in which we live and in this way, our health.

They have a greater freshness, since they arrive before the hands of the consumer than that food that must be transported for days and stored for a long time. Thus, we can have better quality ingredients and season to make the most of it.

They have better nutritional quality because they are not processed foods, but fresh ingredients, collected from the land near where we live. They are not products, but foods with valuable properties that we can not stop taking advantage of in our daily diet.

For all these advantages and because you can get local foods of excellent quality, we can not stop to point us to the purchase in the market if we want to eat more healthy and tasty every day.

Consuming local foods will not only be more enjoyable for your palate but your body will thank you noticeably.

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