Losing localized fat, an impossible to achieve?

There are many times that we sign up in the gym with the aim of reducing belly, reducing cartridge belts or removing the fat located in glutes, however, lose fat located in an area of ​​the body, is it impossible to achieve?

Although it is very complex work and we can never achieve a reduction of fat only in one area of ​​the body, the reality is that losing localized fat is not impossible.

The truth about fat burning

If we want to reduce the fat deposits in some part of our body, it is fundamental to promote the oxidation of fats as an energy source and for this, diet and training as well as other life habits must be combined with the same purpose.

Regarding training, aerobic work of always, moderate intensity and long duration is not always the most effective, but a study published in the Metabolism magazine notes that high-intensity training is the most advisable to promote metabolic changes that in the long term favor the oxidation of fats. In this way, routines type HIIT, at high intensity intervals for a short period of time could be very helpful.

Similarly, weights are of great importance at the time of losing body fat, as they allow to raise the metabolism and promote the oxidation of lipids in the body in the long term. In this sense, an investigation published in the Obesity magazine concluded that working with weights is even more effective than aerobic work to reduce waist circumference.

Therefore, when looking for a loss of fat located in the abdomen, reduce cartridge belts or others, it is always important to think about the burning of fats as a process that will occur throughout the body at the same time and for which, the diet should be adequate and well-planned training to include both aerobic work and weights of appropriate intensity.

What you should not do to lose localized fat

Previously we said that the only way to lose localized fat is to promote the oxidation of fats throughout the body through healthy habits and proper diet and training planning. However, there are some things that are useless and that is why, you should avoid when trying to get rid of localized fat.

For example, we recommend leaving aside miraculous products and diets that not only do not help but can hinder the process by damaging the metabolism and taking us to a plateau or metabolic tomb that makes it difficult to lose weight or lose fat in the long term.

On the other hand, they can also affect our health in other aspects, damage the aesthetic and above all, damage our pocket to the high cost that these resources tend to have, tempting but ineffective at the moment of achieving true results.

Also, localized muscle work will never help reduce the fat of a particular area as shown by a study published in 2013, so, for many abdominals that we perform we will not take our tummies off , since with the exercises we will work muscle but We do not exactly stimulate the burning of fats that is a requirement to lose belly, remove the cartridge belts or reduce glutes.

The only thing that works but is not trustworthy

Beyond miraculous products and lifestyle habits, it has been proven to reduce localized fat injections of lipolytic hormones . Thus, most studies have been conducted in women who face aesthetic treatments and for example, a research published in Dermatologic Surgery concludes that in the short term, catecholamine injections are used to reduce fat located in thighs .

Likewise, local injections of aminophylline have been shown to reduce waist circumference, with better results in women than in men, which indicates the great influence of sex hormones at the time of burning fat, as in men, they are always more frequent. fatty deposits in the abdomen while in women the same thing happens in the hips and buttocks.

These local injections that stimulate lipolysis in certain areas of the body by hormones, can reduce local fat at the moment and in the short term, but there are no studies that confirm its long-term effectiveness , once the hormonal stimulus that generates the injections disappears local.

Therefore, the only effective tool to burn localized fat is work in our habits, with proper diet and training above all and with a lot of patience and perseverance, since reducing localized fat is not impossible, but it does require an intense effort in time.

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