Nestlé claims to cut sugar chocolates by 40% while maintaining its sweet taste

If a few months ago we talked about that he had succeeded in creating a chocolate with less saturated fat , now it is the turn to sugar. Nestle chocolate company par excellence, says that can keep the sweet taste of chocolate products by cutting sugar intake by 40%, how would you have done?

They claim from the same company, the process followed to achieve this decrease in the amount of sugar in their products has been carried out changing the structure of the sugar crystals , so that to achieve the same taste an amount is necessary much less of sugar.

Nestlé claims to cut sugar chocolates by 40% while maintaining its sweet tasteSugar is one of the enemies to fight today: it is present in virtually all processed products that we get to the mouth (but often do not call “sugar”, but other names are used).

If we take a little walk around the classic Nestle products we see that they all contain high amounts of sugar: 24 grams of sugar in one Crunch bar of 42 grams (more than half of its weight is sugar) are a good example it.

With this technique restructuring of the sugar crystals can also not have to resort to artificial sweeteners that can often get to change the taste or texture of the products as we know them.

Nestlé currently being patented this process and could begin to apply it in their products by 2018.

Will accommodate these products in our diet?

The amount of sugar in these products is undoubtedly a step forward is reduced, but we must remain critical and think that, despite containing a smaller amount of sugar, are not products that we should consume daily.

Basing our food supply instead of products (in the case of chocolate, it is best to consume black chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa) is one of the first steps we must take to make our diets healthier.

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