Nine banned dinners if you want to avoid gaining weight

Dinner is one of the most abused meals in today’s society, and also one of the most we must take care of if we seek to maintain current weight or lose pounds. But many times we fall into the error of resorting to dishes “easy” or ready to consume as the following nine banned dinners if you want to avoid gaining weight.

Nine banned dinners if you want to avoid gaining weightNine dinners that you should avoid if you do not want to get fat

If you want to maintain the weight and not get fat or if you are trying to get rid of extra pounds and take care of health, we present the nine dinners that you should avoid in your usual diet:

  • Chicken Nuggets : Although we bake them and help us solve a meal at home in a matter of minutes, you should know that these little snacks have chicken and are full of fats, refined flours and sodium. The best in its replacement can be a grilled chicken breast that is made in minutes and is much healthier and lighter.
  • Soups ramen in boat : it is only a few seconds what it takes us to open the boat and we already have the dinner solved, nevertheless, these type of preparations are full of sodium, fats and simple hydrates. They almost do not quench and are dense energetically speaking, in addition, contain monosodium glutamate a component that can greatly stimulate our appetite. Homemade soup can be less quick but much healthier for our dinner.
  • Fish sticks or breaded fish : as with nuggets, these snacks are made with lots of fish “leftovers” as such, so they have little quality protein and have a high proportion of refined flours in their composition . In addition, they have fats and sodium in high amounts. Opening a can of natural tuna is equal to or faster than cooking fish sticks and nutritionally is much more advisable.
  • Frozen hamburgers are the temptation when it comes to a quick and tasty dinner, but these types of preparations are full of fat and sodium that accentuate the flavor of the dish and encourages us to continue eating. They may contain trans fats and varying amounts of simple hydrates in their composition. An equally quick and much healthier alternative is a beef steak grilled.
  • Frozen pizza : it is one of the preparations that hides a lot of sugar inside and also, it has fats and sodium in no lesser amounts, so, it is a preparation that does not quench but encourages us to eat more and more.
  • Pasta pot : unlike a dried pasta boiled pasta pot ready to eat have flavors that increase the sodium, fat and calories dish therefore better to replace their intake by a handful of dried noodles boiled at home That go to this ready to consume option.
  • Hot dogs : with more than twice as much fat as protein and a high proportion of sodium, hot dogs or hot dogs are one more preparation that we should avoid in our dinners if we do not want to get fat. We can instead go to healthier foods like sandwiches of fresh meats, or even, cooked ham or serrano that have better nutritional quality than hot dogs.
  • Packaged Salads : Although not all options are the same, we should know that many ready-to-eat salads have more calories than potato chips, as some additives may be full of fats and / or sugars such as batters, sauces and / or cheeses Which are incorporated.
  • Pasta or frozen rice : from a rice three delicacies to ravioli in frozen sauce, ready to heat and consume have many calories and concentrate simple carbohydrates, fats and sodium. They even hide sugars in their composition. These dishes can easily be replaced by boiled rice at home or fresh pasta cooked with our own hands.

These are nine forbidden meals if you want to avoid gaining weight with the help of a good diet. Clearly processed are the main enemies when eating better and take care of health, because they solve foods easily but at the expense of poorer nutritional quality and move much healthier foods that we can make at home.

In substitution for these foods and / or preparations we always have the possibility to have healthy and easy meals at home, choosing fresh vegetables, lean grilled meats or cereals boiled with vegetables.

Of course, if you want to avoid weight gain and take care of health, dinner should be taken care of but also the rest of the meals of the day, since everything adds up to protect the body through daily food.

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