Not only vitamins and flavor, this is all that the red fruits can bring to your body

These days the strawberry season has been opened and more and more are the places where we can find them. This is one of the so called red fruits par excellence, but there are many others that we can enjoy throughout the year. For that reason we want to make a review for the most beneficial and more accessible to include them in our diet.

Not only vitamins and flavor, this is all that the red fruits can bring to your bodyMany times if you ask us why we understand ourselves by red fruits most will answer that it is red fruit without more. Indeed, this is a characteristic feature of this fruit family, but do not forget that they all contain a series of very important benefits for our health that we can not ignore. And to remember it we are going to make a review by the most habitual ones.


First let’s stop at the strawberries . His season begins now, at the beginning of the year and lasts until mid. We can find them anywhere and are characterized by their low sugar content, so they are recommended for anyone. They help us combat anemia by the amount of minerals they contain, among which we highlight iron. Its caloric intake is low and its water content high, so they are good for keeping us hydrated.

The Cranberries

Blueberries are another red fruit that can be found in any greengrocer’s and supermarket. We must emphasize its high contribution of antioxidants that help us protect the body from the action of free radicals. In addition, they will help protect the heart and circulatory system from heart disease. They help directly improve blood circulation and control blood cholesterol levels.


Raspberries are another very common red fruit. Like strawberries, they contain few calories and their antioxidant intake is very high. It is a very good fruit to protect the organism.

The blackberries

The same thing happens with blackberries, which will help protect the body from external attacks. In addition, blackberries help combat high blood fat levels. They are a good way to keep harmful cholesterol at bay versus beneficial. In this way what we will achieve is to improve the state of the circulatory system and minimize the risk of atherosclerosis.

The grenade

Pomegranate is another type of red fruit very common at this time of year. They are highly valued for their low caloric intake. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize its high contribution of antioxidants. They also help control blood fat levels and prevent heart disease. They are very beneficial in preventing some types of cancer such as breast cancer.


Plums are another common red fruit of mid-summer and autumn, although we find them all year round. They emphasize by their high content in fiber that will help us to eliminate the toxins of the organism and to maintain a regularity. They are a perfect ally for the digestive system, especially if we want to regulate digestion and improve its process.

For all this we recommend the intake of this type of fruit in the usual way. Surely we will notice a considerable improvement of health, besides being a very tasty food that we can include alone or as accompaniment in different dishes.

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