Post Covid, the Importance of Remaining Connected at ALL Times

When the Covid Pandemic struck the whole world back at the end of 2019 and everyone was ordered to stay at home and isolate, no one could have foreseen the utter despair, loneliness, isolation and unfortunately death count that this deadly disease would cause!  The only way to stay in visual contact with Family and Friends was to call them on a mobile phone and contact them via a Zoom or Whatsapp Video call.  When phone signals were weak or non-existent this proved impossible and many individuals didn’t see anyone for months at a time!

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Luckily, there is now easy access to an exciting, innovative,  Multi Network Sim Card, a new and futuristic piece of phone technology that allows for a consistent phone signal wherever you are.  Searching for the strongest Network available and automatically adapting to your location ensures your phone can access a Signal and keep you connected at all times.  Offering bespoke Tariffs and end-to-end support you won’t have any extortionate, unexpected fees to settle at the end of your contract.

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Even if your phone switches Networks several times, you will only receive one bill and with the flexibility of a short- or long-term tariff available, this Multi Network Sim Card is proving to be an affordable and cost-effective way to stay in touch. Now that Covid is under control with the use of continued vaccinations, many people still work from home and need that consistent connection to others.

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