Prevent hemorrhoids is better than cure, it all starts with healthy eating

Everything that enters the body through food has a direct effect on the health of the body,short and especially long term. The famous Greek physician Hippocrates had already understood and theorized more than two thousand years ago, coining the famous phrase “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine your food .”

Unfortunately, modern lifestyles are not conducive to proper nutrition: between work commitments and family, find time (and will) to cook healthy dishes is not always easy, and that without taking into account that many people are forced often eat away from home. And so, almost inevitably, it falls into the trap of processed foods rich in fat and sugars but lack of vitamins and fiber, reaching aside or even not eating fresh fruit and vegetables, so important to the wellness and disease prevention.

Prevent hemorrhoids is better than cure, it all starts with healthy eatingIt is not surprising that constipation is a real scourge for people living in industrialized countries and in particular for women who are by nature more prone to suffer from such problems; not to mention hemorrhoids, often with natural and inevitable evolution of chronic constipation.

The scenario is certainly worrying, but the good news is that constipation can be counteracted effectively with what nature provides us rich whole fiber foods, vegetables and seasonal fruit, yogurt and probiotics to help revive the movement intestinal; without forgetting the minimum consumption of at least a couple of liters of water a day and practice of physical activity, even if it is moderate (eg, brisk walking, cycling), always constant. This strategy not only one will get improved intestinal transit and constipation regression phenomenon, but also a progressive decrease in the hemorrhoidal problems.

If over time has been exceeded constipation, but hemorrhoidal disorders were maintained, it is good to consult a doctor because the situation could have worsened and require special attention surgical type.

Among the methods at the forefront in this field include THD Doppler, a little invasive surgical treatment, conservative (no ablated tissue) that favors a speedy recovery and a quick return to normal daily activities.

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