Routines and unreal changes: 300 daily push-ups for 30 days!

A lot of people are always looking for the perfect routine. This routine is one in which, in the shortest possible time, offers us the best results based on our goals. For example, one where we gain muscle mass quickly or lose fat quickly.

These kinds of routines, fortunately or unfortunately, do not exist. We must be very careful, because on the Internet we have access to a lot of information, some very valuable, and another totally misleading and false.

Routines and unreal changes 300 daily push-ups for 30 days!Improve your body by doing 300 push-ups daily for 30 days

The challenge sounds very tempting, and in fact, it is a challenge initially not very complicated and it could be done, since it does not require special material and everyone could initially do push-ups anywhere.

Now, not all people are physically prepared to perform 300 strict push ups a day, for several reasons. Some will not have enough strength to perform a complete well-made flexion, others will have problems with the technique that can lead to injuries when repeating the movement so many times, but above all, this is not an individualized and personalized routine.

However, the change you can see in the video, is not possible in 30 days, nor is it possible to do 300 push-ups daily for 30 days, that is, much more than a diet and a routine of push-ups.

Sorry to disappoint you, but unless you have a superhero genetics, it is not possible to make a physical change like the in 30 days, let alone a routine of this type.

Do not look for shortcuts, simply go calmly in your goals and above all, enjoy the process. The most important thing to achieve an interesting physical change is to be constant, a good diet and a good routine customized and adapted to your life.

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