Seven breakfasts forbidden for children

Breakfast is a meal of great importance for the little ones of the house, because it represents the “recharge” of energy after a night without ingests and should offer everything necessary for their optimal physical and intellectual performance. However, not any option is recommended, but then we show seven breakfasts forbidden for children.

Seven breakfasts forbidden for childrenThe less advised breakfasts

If you are looking to improve the health of your children taking care of food at all meals of the day, we show you which breakfasts are less advised to do so:

  • Packaged fruit juices and nectar : as their name indicates that they contain fruits or at least derive from them we always consider them good options for feeding children, however, these commercial products may contain large amounts of sugar and little of nutrients good for the organism. Therefore, children should not start the day with their consumption, but instead we can go to natural juices (although we should not abuse them) or better still, fresh fruit.
  • Breakfast cereals: cereals are not only a great source of sodium but also concentrate a high proportion of sugar, especially if they have various flavors and colors. For this reason, commercial breakfast cereals are not the best alternative, but instead, it is healthier to choose oats, quinoa, rice or other cereals without further industrial processing.
  • Buns : a bun is not good food for anyone, as it is a source of sugar and fats of poor quality as well as sodium with few good nutrients to feed the body. In short, pastry products such as buns are not the best option if we want to get quality energy for children to start well the day. In its replacement, it is always more advisable to go for whole grain bread, homemade granola or oatmeal with fruits, for example.
  • Commercial biscuits : like biscuits, biscuits for the public that children usually love are concentrated in sodium and sugar and contain trans fats that in no way benefit health. Therefore, we better avoid this option in children’s diet and as a replacement we can make healthy and tasty homemade cookies.
  • Granola bars : They sound like a good option to nourish the kids and fill them with energy, but they are not as healthy as they seem but they concentrate a large proportion of sugar in their composition and can have trans fats. Like breakfast cereals, nothing better than replacing this option with unprocessed natural cereals and / or whole grains or preparing nutritious bars at home with our own hands.
  • Cocoa powder : to flavor many milk we use the products of the type of “Cola cao” which can contain up to 80% sugar and fat in its composition that have little to do with the quality of a pure cocoa, rich in antioxidants. Therefore, its use must be rejected in the diet of most kids in the house and its replacement, we can turn to natural sugars such as a teaspoon of honey or employ a small square of dark chocolate with a high degree of purity to melt in hot milk and flavored it without so much added sugar.
  • Refreshments : it sounds very end but I saw kids coming to school with container of soda in hand, an option that many parents go to “hydrate children” in the early hours of the day. However, they are nothing more than empty calories, liquid sugar without minerals, vitamins or antioxidants, so in its replacement we can make a natural juice or offer a simple glass of milk.

If you want to take care of your kids diet in order to protect their health, all meals must be properly selected and is key in them increase the presence of fresh foods and homemade preparations at the expense of food or processed food.

These are the seven breakfasts banned if you ‘re looking to improve the quality of feeding your children.

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