Seven challenging exercises for your abs that will allow you to see results

To progress in the results we get, do not stall and see progress is always good to find exercises that require a little more to our muscles. That’s why today we bring you seven challenging exercises for your abs you can do at home, outdoors or in the gym.

If you want to achieve a strong and marked abdomen from here to summer, these are the movements you can do if you have been training for some time:

Seven challenging exercises for your abs that will allow you to see resultsFour sliding exercises

Exercises that include sliding surfaces are very demanding for core or mid-body muscles because they force them to contract and work hard not to lose position. So, we propose to make the following four sliding movements to strengthen abs :

  • Lumbar autopsies : we will use a large towel to roll it up and place it just below the lower back, with our feet flat on the floor, our knees bent and the trunk slightly tilted backwards, we roll the towel back and forth gently trying not to Lose position and contract the abdomen at all times. We can do this by tilting the torso to one side to work obliques as well.
  • Weathered sliding hip lift : now using the towel (but not rolled up) to support both feet, we will place ourselves in a plank position or with an extended arm and from there, we raise the hip as we slowly bring the feet to our hands, then we return To the initial position slowly too.
  • Sliding of hands on prone iron (long) : in an iron position with toes on the ground and leaning forward, hands resting on the towel with arms outstretched, sliding hands forward without falling or touching the ground , And we return to the initial position always controlling the movement.
  • Sliding of hands in prone (short) : we perform the previous movement but with less complexity because on this occasion, we will support the knees on the floor and take them slightly towards the trunk, hands on the towel and from there, we slide our hands towards Go ahead and come back.

These four sliding exercises are truly intense and can be an excellent option to challenge your abs and progress to a strong and marked midfield.

Three unstable exercises

Using as we previously did surfaces to slip, we can achieve instability and thus, demand a great effort to the abdomen. Therefore, we propose the following three exercises:

  • Human tilting saw : using a large rolled up towel as a support for our forearms, we put ourselves in an iron position, with toes on the floor and rolling the towel we carry the body back and forth again and again.
  • The baker : with his hands on the rolled towel and in an iron position with toes on the floor and arms extended, we make the gesture of “kneading” like a pastry chef carrying his hands forward while we roll the towel and we return to The starting position.
  • Prone iron unstable : resting hands on rolled towel and arms extended, tips of feet on the floor and pushing with the same forward, we maintain the position as many seconds as possible.

All these exercises allow you to work the deepest musculature of the abdomen and gain strength as well as tonicity in the middle area of the body.

There are seven challenging exercises for your abs that use homemade elements and body weight to perform, so you can use them at home, outdoors or in the gym to strengthen the middle area and achieve the marked torso that you are looking for.

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