Some bad habits that can put our joints at risk

The joint pains are very common where we do sports regularly. Specifically there are some parts such as wrists, elbows, knees or ankles that can resent when performing a sport activity. In this post we want to stop at this and see some bad habits that can make this happen . We also want to stop at some tips to prevent this from happening.

In most cases these discomforts may appear a poor execution of exercises. Mostly it is usually due to poor placement of the hands or legs or poor posture throughout the course of the exercise. It is true that many times is usually produced by this but there are many other points to take into account and that is why we will do a review part by part to know something more.

Some bad habits that can put our joints at riskThe dolls, one of the most affected

First let’s start with the dolls , as it is one of the body parts most often suffer and that gives us more trouble. Normally it usually occurs due to the grip that we usually choose. There are different types of grip with which it is advisable to try, because it is best to choose the one that most comfortable for us, because working with the forced wrists can make them seem annoying.

When we use the wrists to raise the load, as for example in the chest press, it is best to use them only as a fulcrum. In this case it is important to us to transport all the push to the forearm . Never the wrists must endure the tension of any exercise, they simply have to be the nexus of union with the grips. To do this, the ideal is to make the muscles hold it. The same thing happens with the elbows. We can not move the resistance of the exercise of the wrists to the elbows.

Knees and ankles, other large affected

In the case of the knees and ankles are joints that are also connected and can suffer equally. Especially the greatest wear occurs when we perform exercises in which the legs are involved. In this case the main reason is the placement of the legs in the different exercises that we will perform. We must always take care that tension is never concentrated in any joint, because it must always be the muscles that support it and those that execute the movement.

Something to consider in the leg exercises is to take care that your knees never be the protagonists . To achieve this, it is sufficient to keep in mind that when placing the feet, the knees must never be advanced, since in this way the angle of action will be transferred to the ones that will be on which the tension will fall. Avoiding stiffening when lifting loads is important. So sometimes, if we realize that we are not performing well and are overloading the joints, it is better to lower the load and avoid unnecessary suffering.

Some general points to keep in mind

Strengthen the muscles around the joints is important for it is they who bear the stress of exercise. Along with this it is advisable to avoid using bandages regularly, because in the end we get the opposite effect, and is articulate and avoid strengthening the right move for them.

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