Symptoms you need to look out for

Infections or STIs that are sexually transmitted are transmitted between one person and another through genital contact or unprotected intercourse. They can be either bacterial or viral, and you are still at risk of having a STI, regardless of how many lovers you have had or how many times you have had sexual intercourse. But you need to be aware of the signs and how you get tested if you don’t refrain from having physical contact.

So what signs are there? Unfortunately, not all STIs show signs, so you should be checked out if you have had unprotected intercourse. You can use Home StI Kits London way such as the ones from to have these tests done.


In the under 25 age group, it is one of the most  prevalent STIs. It is a bacterial infection and it could affect your fertility if left untreated. It can be treated with antibiotics since it is bacterial and being tested out for it is simply a method of either providing a urine sample or taking a swab. It may take a few weeks for symptoms to show and may include, but not limited to, burning during urination and an irregular discharge.

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Another STI bacteria and one of the most common to impact the under 25s after chlamydia. Again, it can lead to infertility in both men and women if left untreated. It is not always easy to spot the infection you have picked up, but signs may include a green or yellow discharge, a sore tummy, and discomfort or burning while going to the toilet. Taking a swab or urine sample will diagnose this.

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